To subvert the dominant paradigm

To subvert the dominant paradigm

che-guevara-front-hrDon’t let anyone tell you otherwise: cats are natural-born revolutionaries.

With apologies to Che Guevara, all those anti-establishment college students have the wrong face on their T-shirts. If you really want to show the world that you’re against oppression and superficiality, in favor of free-trade everything, and you want to give all the peasants  chocolate eclairs, you need to wear the image of Furball and Cosita.

It’s a long-standing assumption that calico cats are snotty, persnickety and all-around attitude-challenged. Even people who (righteously) admire their fire often presume that all calicos are the same. Listen to these folks and you’ll soon believe that tricolored cats are the Blair Waldorfs and Blair Warners of the world, combined.

Cosita, as captured by Jess (as are all of these glorious pics of the girls)
Cosita, as captured by Jess (as are all of these glorious pics of the girls)

Don’t believe the hype. Fight the power. Power to the people. (In which case, don’t fight it after all. Hand out chocolate eclairs instead. But I digress.)

All it takes is five minutes seconds nanoseconds picoseconds in the presence of two gorgeous girls to lose all your presumptions and assumptions about calico cats.

Furball and Cosita are, in a statement of unadulterated and unexaggerated fact: the nicest cats in the entire world.

This is no empty title, especially since they share a suite with Goldie (who is the nicest cat in the entire world). But on your first picosecond in the presence of Cosita and Furball, you will – not may, will – be swarmed with sweetness that would put Willy Wonka and 10,000 platoons of Care Bears to shame.

All Furball and Cosita know is ALL AFFECTION ALL THE TIME.

Are you having a bad day? Furball and Cosita want to love and rub and moosh and smoosh you.
Are you angry or happy or sad or constipated? Furball and Cosita want to love and rub and moosh and smoosh you.
Is everything wrong and it’s all your fault? Have you burned all your bridges, plus a few belonging to other people? Are you a mean one, Mr. Grinch, and your heart’s an empty hole? Have you done things we don’t know about…bad things, sad things, mad things like ripping the “DO NOT REMOVE” tag off a mattress?


It doesn’t matter. Yesterday is over. Leave the past behind. Because Furball and Cosita want to love and rub and moosh and smoosh you.

And they will. Oh, they will. Even if you buy the lie that calicos are snoots.

That these girls love so wildly is a testament to the waves of grace they’ve gotten over and over and over again. You might say that Cosita and Furball have lived a magical life – but I mean “magical” in the sense of a really good, deeper-magic, page-turner tale, not an everything’s-perfect-all-the-time story. Think Narnia, not Disney; Hobbits, not Care Bears. (And I love me some Care Bears. But there’s a better sweetness a little deeper.)

Cosita and Furball felt their first tsunami of love from an owner who adored them – and “adored” is an understatement in the way that calling New York City a “village” is an understatement.

But storms hit that happy love story, and the calicos’ adoring owner was displaced from her home. With nowhere to lay her head, what could she do with the girls she cherished?

Seer Farms is what. As a sanctuary providing temporary care for pets whose people are in emergency situations, Seer Farms was just the wave of mercy Furball and Cosita needed. They’d be safe there until their human was back on her feet – and, sure enough, the Seer Farms folk loved the girls just as fully and fiercely as their mama.

Then came the superstorm.

The face of a revolutionary.
The face of a revolutionary.

Hurricane Sandy put the rescuers in need of their own rescue. Hit hard by the tempest, Seer Farms scrambled to help the influx of animals in need of help, even as they struggled with damage to their own facility. You might think it was too much for anyone, human or feline, to handle.

But cats are revolutionaries – and humans are capable of catching their world-shaking fire.

Seer Farms reached out to Tabby’s Place. Miraculously unscathed by the superstorm ourselves, it was an easy decision: of course we’d help. And so Cosita, Furball and two other kitties (more on Hobbes and the late Calvin in a future post) came north to Ringoes for an extended stay Casa Tabby.

They’ve been working hard to subvert all assumptions ever since. Those who have been loved much, love much – and Furball and Cosita have only just begun to show the grace they know.

So if you’re in need of some revolutionary inspiration, or if you’d just like to be loved and rubbed and mooshed and smooshed, Adoption Room 2 is the scene for the magic.

Sorry, Che.

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  1. Oh, my – I guess this means that they will go back to their person in due time — which is probably a good thing because now I don’t have to steal them. What darlings!!!

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