Epilogues: April 2016

Epilogues: April 2016

0426160842April, are you really the cruelest month?

You took one Prince, but you gave us another in his bathrobe.

You took too many friends, but you promised to return them in an April that will never end.

The late, loved Bunk, selflessly fostered through his final days by volunteer J.P.
The late, loved Bunk, selflessly fostered through his final days by volunteer J.P.

It’s been a tumultuous time at Tabby’s Place, but we’re learning that life without drama is one flat, loveless line.

Ride the leaps with us:

Arrived: Chloe, Gardenia, Orchid, Cosmos, Heath, Bucca, Trey, Riley, Leah, Swiffer, Charcoal, Misty

Adopted: Lorelai, Louie, Amber, Pasha, Knox, Gopher, Eponine, Ellen, Julius

Returned: NOOOOOO ONE.

Cleared from Quarantine: Sherbet, Gretta, Reese, Gizmo, Frank, Armand, Bucca

Promoted to the Community Room: Hildegarde, Bucca

Promoted to Jonathan’s Office Piper‘s Glory Land: Sherbet (pictured in thumbnail giving Jonathan’s annual review)

Promoted to Foster Homes: Abby, Bunk, Bubbles (yes that Bubbles; yes really; yes our volunteers are warrior rock star angel saints)

Promoted to Heaven: Furball, Gretta, Abby, Bunk

Put Back Together Again By All The King’s Horses And All The King’s Men: Riley (more on him soon)

The cruelest month? Hardly. And even as we lick the wounds that were, we have this promise:


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  1. All of what Tabby’s Place does is so important. Taking in new little kitties that have been ignored by life and showing them the love and shelter and affection they all deserve – who knows which of these newbies might be another internet sensation like our dancing Sienna! Giving older abandoned kitties the forever love and dignity they so deserve. Furball, Abby and Bunk, Gretta – not unnoticed and alone but loved and cherished – Tabby’s Place cats for all eternity. Gardinias and Orchids are bound to bloom in May in the Cosmo’s Misty Charcoal Heath! (Not forgetting Chloe, Bucca, Trey, Riley, Leah and Swiffer).

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