The end from the beginning

The end from the beginning

thimble2Sometimes cliches are food.

It’s easy to forget, after the 200,000,000th time we read an inspiring quote on Pinterest/Tumblr/insert favorite social medium here, that the inspiring quote was once new to us.

New. Nurturing. Needful.


"Things happen, that's all they ever do." - Dawes "Things fall apart so better things can fall together." - Thimble
“Things happen, that’s all they ever do.” – Dawes
“Things fall apart so better things can fall together.” – Thimble

Once it’s sunk down deep into our marrow, we forget that once it was a bolt of light into our yawning darkness.

“Live, laugh, love.” “The ones who matter don’t mind, and the ones who mind don’t matter.” “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.”

Or: “Sometimes things have to fall apart so better things can fall together.”

I am, of course, talking about cats.

It turns out that sometimes thimbles fall off one finger so they can fall into the hand that will hold them forever.

And here I am, of course, talking about Thimble.

Alert readers will recall that Thimble was one of the last roses of summer 2014. He and nonbiological-but-no-less-real sister Milkshakes came to us from what was arguably The Greatest Foster Family Of All Time (GFFOAT). After enduring unspeakable indignities in their earliest days, they found fun and frolic and each other in GFFOAT. And then, through a sweet series of events, they found their way to Tabby’s Place.


That foster family, being the greatest of all time, never forgot them.

We’d earnestly hoped that the tender teen cats would be adopted together. It was GFFOAT’s dream for their darlings, and it seemed necessary…until both Milkshakes and Thimble showed a certain charming quality. They were certainly bonded to one another. But, these radiant kittens had been so thoroughly loved that they found it easy to open their huge hearts to everyone.

Other kittens. Other cats. Other humans.

As Thimble and Milkshakes forged bonds with everyone in sight, we realized that they’d do just fine together or apart. So it seemed swell when a lovely young man fell for Milkshakes and took her home. He dug Thimble, too, but his pesky landlord would only permit one cat…and so the cord connecting Thimble and Milkshakes was loosed.

But only untied…not severed.

This month, that lovely young man had to take a job many miles from home. Although I’m unclear on the details, I know he was ultimately not able to take Thimble with him.

"I'm comin' home, sista."
“I’m comin’ home, sista.”

Now lion-sized, still lion-hearted, Thimble came back to Tabby’s Place.
His adoption had fallen apart, as things sometimes do.
But, as that old chestnut has it, sometimes things really do fall apart so better things can fall together.

You’ve guessed it, kittens: Thimble is back with Milkshakes, and this time it’s forever. Their bond is double-knotted, sealed with soul, and love is triumphant.

Oh, yeah: their new home? It’s the home that loved them first and best. GFFOAT is now officially a gleeful “foster failure.”

Someone clearly saw the end of this story from the very beginning, watching all the ups and downs with a triumphant smile.

Things fall apart. Things fall together. Love never fails.

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  1. OMG! Tears of joy for Milkshakes and Thimble and GFFOAT. Great love and happiness forever to all of you. Angela, beautifully written – more Tabby’s Place magic.

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