Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: The Circle Game

Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: The Circle Game

So there’s this thing…okay, wait, let me back up a minute. Nope, let’s circle back to the beginning to preface this by saying that there’s this thing that people see cats do, and many people find it exceedingly concerning, while others just don’t think it’s much of a thing. Cats are among the latter group – it’s just not a thing to be made much of, and not a thing is nothing at all.

What I really mean to say is that some cats sometimes do this one particular thing that actually isn’t nothing, and this thing they do sometimes is go in circles (kind of like this introduction). The circling thing is a thing that can be caused by various different other things. Mostly, circling is a manageable thing, and mostly we just think cats are kind of extra adorable for going in circles.

If this has you going in circles, let’s get on the straight and narrow. As you are surely aware by now, circling is a thing that needs to be paid attention to and attended to. Never fear! It’s not a big thing for most of the cats at Tabby’s Place who do circle.

Nina, for one, has been receiving the best care imaginable to relieve discomforts from causes and symptoms that make her go in circles. Her circles might slow down, maybe they will disappear (kind of like the circles in a pond after skipping a stone), maybe they’ll stay the same. All we know with certainty is that Nina will keep us spinning in circles just in trying to keep up with her special brand of exuberance.

Not to be outshone, newcomer Mika is keeping her reasons for the occasional circle secret…for now. The sleuthing ability of the Tabby’s Place vet team will surely decode that code, or at least they’ll unravel enough of the enigma to keep Mika contented. Whatever may come, this fluffy-tailed, energetic dynamo with keep our rotors rotating ferociously just to match her high-intensity pace. Keeping up with Mika is a full time job for a whole lotta people!

The staff and volunteers at Tabby’s Place are very glad to do the job of keeping up with each and every cat, circles or no circles. We try like eager NASCAR fans to keep pace with all of the cats who do circle (even though “left” isn’t the only direction the cats drive in, and every cat gets to the winner’s circle) as well as every one that doesn’t.

For now, though, there are very few cats who aren’t putting some particular kind of spin (literal for some; metaphorical for others) in their moves around the sanctuary. All of the cats, circlers or not, are very serious about keeping everyone going in circles. Whatever each cat contributes, they all make sure that every day spins along happily. It may not be a game, but it sure is fun! If you don’t believe me, stop by for a visit, then circle back for a debrief.

For good measure, here’s a secondary inspiration (the cats are first, foremost, and primary). Take a minute to slow down and enjoy The Circle Game.


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