Tabby’s Place: an opossum sanctuary?

Tabby’s Place: an opossum sanctuary?

Babs' purty smileYou might think so if you happen to glance into Suite B.

That’s because, when the light shines just right on one of our weirdest residents, she looks like nothing so much as…an opossum. That’s our Babs.

Babs and opossum...separated at birth?At first, Babs earned that questionable comparison on the basis of her patchy fur. When this great, globular girl arrived at Tabby’s Place over two years ago, her wiry grey fur was growing in patches, with whole sections inexplicably missing. Poor Babs was as uncomfortable as she was peculiar-looking, as she was forever scratching at her skin. Our veterinarian diagnosed Babs with atopy (allergies to airborne allergens), and monthly injections have put an end to her itches. The shots have also worked better than all the Rogaine in the world: Babs’ fur is now all grown in.

But, it turns out, it wasn’t the fur issue that made Babs look so possum-y. Even with a full “head of hair,” she’s still got that one-of-a-kind, rodent-esque resemblance.Babs in one of her more photogenic moments

Is it her pointy nose? Her , big, roundish ears? Or that not-quite-normal body shape?

Yes – but, more than that, it’s Babs’ personality…her own special Babbity, if you will.

Per the great Wikipedia, opossums are “usually solitary and nomadic.” That’s an equally fitting description of Babs. She gets on okay with her feline roomies, but bonding and snuggling are not her thing. And when it comes to human beans, Babs can seem quite gregarious, often running right up to greet visitors…but, touch her in a “touch-me-not” mood (which only occur three times of day: morning, afternoon and night), and you’ll get a good bite. As for that “nomadic” business, Babs is often on the move, shuttling between the suite and the solarium.

What is she hunting for? More of her kind?

Good luck with that one, Babs; you ‘re a true original, and they broke the mold after you splashed onto the scene.

So is there a forever home for the likes of Babs?Babs and friend

Let’s put it this way. I’ve definitely met quirkier representatives of the human species than Babs is of felis catus, so it stands to reason that her very own weird, wonderful person is out there. Let’s hope it’s just a matter of time before this solitary, nomadic possum-person makes his or her way to Tabby’s Place for their Babs. 🙂 In the meantime, we love her just the wacky way she is.

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  1. Angela, that’s what makes you and the other human beans of Tabby’s Place so wonderful: the fact that you’ll love a kitty just as they are. Thanks for that!

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