Storming the Bastille, la deuxième partie

Storming the Bastille, la deuxième partie

8251119436_5d66f2d5c3_bAs promised, today you feast on a tale of l’amour vrai.

Nothing I could say could conceivably enhance the miracle you’re about to enjoy, and so I hand things over to a gentleman we’ll simply call Monsieur Le Plus Awesome:

“Just writing to give you an update on Cecille. I’ve given her a new name, Storm, as in the character from the X-Men. But feel free to continue to refer to her as Cecille, as I believe it is a cat’s prerogative to have multiple names. (Editor’s note: You and T.S. Eliot. You are in fine company, Monsieur.)

Cecille, Storm, la tempête parfaite.
Cecille, Storm, la tempête parfaite.

“When I first met Storm, I was told that she was crazy. Her file said she was aggressive. A volunteer admitted to me that people were simply not interested in adopting her. But I just knew that none of that mattered. I knew that she would become one of my best friends.

“To say that Storm is the best thing that entered this house in a long time is an understatement. She is sweet and loving to the core. She is neither crazy nor aggressive. She is simply unique. A true one-of-a-kind in every sense.

“To know her well is to love her with all your heart. She doesn’t like being pet with hands, but she will let you rub faces with her. This makes greeting her when I come home a wholly personal experience. One must approach her from the front, so she isn’t startled. Then you must get down on her level and look her in the eye. She will lean into you and rub your face with hers. Leaving for work is the same experience. Every day starts and ends with a little love from my Storm.

“At first she wouldn’t come out of her carrier. But after a few days she was patrolling her room and getting used to her new digs. She was in quarantine for about 2 weeks.

“When I let her out, she wouldn’t come downstairs. I would stay with her so she always knew she would be safe, but she just wanted to stay upstairs all the time. Then, just on her own, one evening she came downstairs and has been making the whole house her home ever since.

“She and my other cat do not like each other, but there is plenty of room for them to keep apart. Neither one gives the other too much of a hard time.

Cecille et son amoureux.
Cecille et son amoureux.

“I think Storm fits in quite well here, and I’m looking forward to many years of friendship.

“Thank you, Tabby’s Place, for rescuing her and keeping her safe and healthy.”

Thank you, kind Monsieur, for reminding us that love is alive and well and entirely worth the wait. Miracles happen. God provides — for people and once-wary little white cats and each of us.

May we dare to know well enough to love with all our hearts.

Quelle génie! Quelle grâce!

5 thoughts on “Storming the Bastille, la deuxième partie

  1. I didn’t think little “Storm” could be any more beautiful, but she totally blossomed with her own home and this amazing love by her wonderful person. WOW – what a story! Another miracle…see what love does?

  2. LOVE this story! Our Greta LaCat prefers face rubbing, too! She can be MOST independent … or … a face rubbing snuggle bunny! Love is a major source of miracles … many, overflowing, bubbling over miracles. Have just the most wonderful time with your beautiful Storm!

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