Update for Elliot

Update for Elliot

Me and Cammy getting some push-up treats!

Elliot’s Episodes #7

Happy April to all my dear sponsors and Tabby’s Place fans! It’s time to update you on the latest happenings in my world—here’s my latest episode.

My friend Mary Anne came to visit me recently and I was just wide awake and rarin’ to go.  She came into the suite with a wand, and Nemo and I had to play tug of war with it.  We were having such a good time, but then Nemo hissed at me, so I let him have the wand all to himself. Faye stopped by to see what was going on while I played with any toys I could find, especially the ones with catnip!  Then I noticed that Mary Anne had a pen and was taking notes, so I tried to get that pen and bat it around….  but no go on that….  so I settled for a kibble snack.

Just hanging with Nemo!

While I was munching, Mary Anne told me how handsome I was—that I had grown into a long and lean sweetheart.  Most of the cats were taking an afternoon nap, but Nemo kept hissing at me.  So I tried to climb into Mary Anne’s purse to see if I could fit.  You know we kitties love snug spaces.  But then Ralph came by and sat in her lap and purred up a storm.  Then it was Cammy’s turn.  She got lots of pets and she tried to climb into her purse, too.  Well, I just about gave up on that, so I climbed up on her back and gave her a good neck and ear wash since she had missed a few spots with her a.m. shower.  After the redo of her bath, I really did try to get into that purse.  I managed to get one paw inside and just rested for a bit.

Since it seemed like our kitty party was winding down, I did my kitty patrol and checked the perimeter of the suite for any interlopers.  Then I finally settled down and had a few more snacks.  It was getting near nap time, so I crawled into Mary Anne’s lap and got a lot of pets and head and back rubs.

What’s happening in the lobby today?

Since I could not find my coil, I played with this cute brown catnip mouse.  He got batted around for a long time.  But, I don’t always have to play—sometimes I just love to lie down and rest or explore the cubes in my suite.  Lately, I have been looking into the glass window and seeing not only the lobby and all the action there, but also my own reflection.  At first, I thought it was another kitty, but I finally figured it out.  How cool that there were two of me!!

Who is that handsome boy in the window? Oh, it’s me!!!

My correspondent asked me to tell you that (as you probably already know) this wonderful sanctuary where I live is expanding and making room for other kitties who often don’t have places who can care for them—those diagnosed with feline leukemia virus (FeLV).  More kitties to care for means we need more volunteers! Volunteers are super important in keeping our suites and cubbies clean and our laundry and dishes sanitized, along with many other things, like just being comfort buddies to us and helping the shy kitties (not me!) become more outgoing.

Beginning next month, folks here will be launching a big campaign (not sure what that is, but it sounds exciting) to get more volunteers!  It can be tough to find a lot of people who are willing to give the gift of their time, but who wouldn’t want to spend time around me?  If you know of anyone who would be interested in volunteering (perhaps even you!), please tell them to stay tuned for more details. (They can sign up here to receive our emails; scroll down to the “subscribe” box.)

Volunteers come at all times of the day and do a lot of different things, so it should be easy to match up kind hoomans with what they are able to do to help. Thank you, as always, for helping to spread the word about what’s happening at Tabby’s Place.

As the days go by, I am glad to say that I am healthy and happy here.  I love playtime with my friends Ralph, Cammy, and Nemo, even though he hisses at me. But I also love all the hoomans and staff who come to visit me and take care of me.  It makes me so happy to know that so many people care for and about me.

So, dear sponsors, please come to visit me here at Tabby’s.  I would really love to go home with one of you so I can get all the hugs and kisses and pets and back and ear rubs all the time.

Have a happy and healthy holiday and enjoy each day.

Love to all,
(With help from your correspondent, Mary Anne)