Gender Female
Breed DSH
Declawed No
Color White
Markings Solid
Personality Affectionate Outgoing Independent
How I Feel About Children Familiar
How I Feel About Dogs Unknown
How I Feel About Cats Familiar
Age 15 years
Special Considerations

History of house soiling, Lymphoma

Faye would have you believe that she was born in Paris, but she actually came to us from the wholesome and hardy Midwest. She arrived with complete vet records, handwritten declarations of love, and lists of her favorite things. Faye had been cherished, maybe even spoiled, and she was unaccustomed to sharing her palace with a dozen persnickety feline personalities. The ancient Egyptians worshiped a cat goddess and held cats in high esteem and it seems that Faye never forgot that. Then again, maybe her looks have something to do with that – she’s a beautiful girl with long fur and a pure white coat.

Although Faye has adjusted to the suite life, she often perches aloft in a tufted bed where she can better survey the room. She’ll lead you to think that her kittenhood inspired the character Marie of Disney’s The Aristocats and that she was set to inherit her wealthy owner’s fortune until she was catnapped, and somehow ended up in Ringoes, New Jersey. (But attempt to adorn her with pink bows and Faye will likely give you a sassy swat.) She’s a proud, Persian-esque princess who will do well in a home that will provides pampering and, most importantly, love.

Faye has had her share of health issues in recent years. She does not always urinate in her litterbox, but that might be circumstantial, as she lives in a suite and isn’t always good around other cats. She’s currently battling GI lymphoma. While her prognosis is uncertain, for now she’s doing quite well overall. Faye also does not like to groom herself and periodically needs a good spa day to get rid of some mats.

Are you ready to spoil a furry sidekick?  Faye is ready to receive royal treatment in her own domain. Come meet Her Highness any day of the week during our public hours. Please see our Visit Us page for updated information. We’d love to find an adopter for Faye who is equipped to handle her special needs and understands her desire to be an “only” cat.

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