Update for Adam

Update for Adam

Hello everyone!

Adam and I hope that this update finds you healthy and keeping safe.  The world has certainly changed since the last update!  I’m writing this for you without having had the pleasure of seeing our little tabby boy in the past month.  Tabby’s Place is doing an excellent job of keeping the staff and animals safe during this time.

Unfortunately, that means that no volunteers can come into the building and therefore see our kitties.

Adam and Angelo

I am getting photos and updates from the staff regularly so I know that our boy is doing much better than he was last month. Staff members were quite concerned about what was going on and decided to put him back on steroids.  They also added in some long-acting pain medication.  This seems to have given him more spunk again.  Adam was having trouble with constipation, so he was put back on stool softeners and given access to the other GI food in a microchip feeder.  Now he is once again leaking stool all over the place in Suite A!  They continue to adjust his meds and food to find the perfect balance.  Finding balance with Adam is an ongoing challenge!  But we are all so happy that he is feeling better.

During this social distancing time, I am now trying to be a second-grade teacher online. It is quite an interesting challenge!  It’s hard enough to hold seven and eight-year-olds’ attention when you’re in the room with them, much less on a Zoom call!  It has been an experience, to say the least.

One thing that I always did in my class when were in the building was have a morning message for the kids told by one of the Tabby’s Place cats.  This week I used Adam one day as the Cat of the Day.

The kids love to see these messages every day and one way to keep the routine as similar as possible is to continue to have the Cat of the Day message.  You can see in the picture what they look like.  The kids were so excited to see Adam this week and send him some love messages.  It is so sweet that the children love the cats so much, and I hope that I instill in them a love of animals and some empathy for those with special needs that will last them the rest of their lives.

Adam, Mary & Boom

Adam has been having some fun in Suite A with Boom and Angelo.  There have also been two sad losses in Suite A of our adorable Abe and sweet tortie Alice.  They both became ill quite suddenly and sadly, we had to say goodbye. I’m sure that Adam misses them.  He has been enjoying some brushing from the staff and also getting some lickable treats from time to time.  I wonder if he’s even noticed that there are so many fewer people in the building now!

Adam and I wish you well as we continue in this time of COVID-19.  Hopefully, we will all be back together soon.

Thank you for your continued support of Adam and of Tabby’s Place.  We couldn’t take such good care of the cats and be so ready for emergencies such as this time without your generosity.  Be well and Adam and I will be back next month.

Your correspondent,