Update for Adam

Update for Adam

Happy February, Friends of Adam!

Our sweet tabby boy and I hope that you are well and enjoying this month of flowers and chocolates.  Adam wants you for his Valentine this year!

Adam has been in good health and spirits this month.  He has taken to staying indoors since the temperatures have remained below freezing so frequently.  This week seems to be warmer and it looks as if our New Jersey weather is trending this way, so Adam may be excited to get out into the solarium very soon for some sun.

There is a newcomer to Suite A who has turned Adam’s world upside down.  A little feisty guy named Alvin has come to Tabby’s Place.  He is a lesson that you should never judge a book by its cover.  Alvin is a kitten-sized adult.  When you see him, he looks fragile.  He is as sweet as pie with all of the humans at Tabby’s Place, but when it comes to other felines, well that is a different story!

When Alvin was allowed to come out of his introductory crate for the first time, he came out paws swinging.  He beat up everyone in the room in about 5 minutes!  He is adorable but he needs a little education on manners with other kitties.  He is now inhabiting our “timeshare” room where the staff can evaluate his behavioral needs and see what steps can be taken to help him integrate into the cat community.  For now, Adam has his peace and quiet back in Suite A.

In other Tabby’s Place news, our expansion is moving along. Quinn’s Corner will provide sanctuary, love, and medical care for the most vulnerable kitties in the world—cats diagnosed with feline leukemia virus and neonatal kittens.

Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) is difficult to diagnose and manage and requires a high level of individualized care.  Few shelters have the resources to embrace FeLV+ cats, but Tabby’s Place knows these amazing kitties are full of life and deserve a chance to thrive.  Newborns often arrive without their mothers, making them utterly dependent on our love and expert care.  Quinn’s Corner will allow us to care for these tiny wonders, who are underserved by rescue and veterinary communities due to their fragile nature and need for intense nurture.  We are really excited for all of this to come to fruition very soon!  Stay tuned for updates!

Adam has been watching all of this happen over the last year and is excited as well.  I am sure as the weather warms up he will be back in the solarium seeing some of the construction taking place.  He really enjoyed watching a new walkway get put in a little while ago.

Adam remains the lovebug he has always been and sends you a huge hug this Valentine’s month.  He is so grateful for everything you do for him and for all of the cats at Tabby’s Place.  It is a haven for kitties like Adam and we are so lucky to have such an amazing sanctuary to take care of the neediest cats.  Stay safe and well until next month, dear friends.

Your correspondent,