Speaking of good goodbyes…

Speaking of good goodbyes…

BrandoWhen I posted a few days ago on the bittersweetness of seeing a favorite cat adopted, I had no idea we’d be face-to-face with a first class “good goodbye” so soon.

Ladies and gentlemen, the amazing Brando has found his forever home!!

You may remember Brando as Rusty‘s BFF and partner in solarium acrobatics. (You can see the boys’ recent fiesta of fun here.) Dazzlingly sweet and affectionate despite his rough past, tailless Brando has posed a mystery for months. Why in heaven’s name would this nicer-than-Mr.-Rogers cat still not be adopted after five months at Tabby’s Place?

Well, those five months gave Brando time to carve out a very permanent place in just about every staff member’s Brandosoul, and to forge the world’s most adorable bond to little Rusty. So, as “adoptable” as Brando is, it still came as quite a shock yesterday when Danielle got the phone call and announced to us all, “Francis’ people are coming to get Brando!”

(Who, you ask, are “Francis’ people”? They’re the kind folks who adopted Francis,  a very timid, extremely sweet Tabby’s Place alum - who is now Brando’s “big brother!”)

Now, I know what you’re thinking: what about Rusty?

Madeline and RustyFortunately, Brando and Rusty’s love for cats doesn’t stop with one another. As you can see at left, Rusty is also very close to little Madeline (another member of the Islip Eight). And, with a cat-lovin’ new brother like Francis, Brando is guaranteed a full-time cuddle buddy.

To make matters sweeter, the door is open to the possibility of Rusty eventually joining Brando’s new family. While “Francis’ people” were understandably hesitant to adopt a cat as timid and fearful as Rusty (whose fondness for cats doesn’t yet extend to people), they did indicate that they’d reconsider as Rusty becomes more friendly and confident. So, we’ve got our assignment: keep helping Rusty learn to trust!

In the meantime, through bittersweet-but-mostly-sweet tears of goodbye, I wish Brando a magnificent life of love with his new family. Francis and his people have only begun to know the glee this boy will bring them.

3 thoughts on “Speaking of good goodbyes…

  1. Congradulations Brando enjoy your forever home (after reading your story, you deserve it), hopefully Rusty will come around soon and you will have your buddy back. Good as all the people at Tabby’s Place are with socializing the cats, it is just a matter of time before he comes out of his shell.

  2. Much love and best wishes to Brando on getting a forever home. I hope that Rusty may be able to join him soon. I’m sad that the two are now separated. I’m glad he has big brother Francis to look after him. (And of course Francis’ people!)

    And a special thanks to all those who keep us posted on the daily goings on at Tabby’s Place. The blog is so well-written. I really enjoy it.

    1. Mishale, thanks so much for your kind words. You will be among the very first to know if – no, WHEN – Rusty’s own big day comes along. 🙂

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