The beauty of motherhood

The beauty of motherhood

wendyAbout 3 weeks ago, I took [[The Value Meal|Wendy and the Value Meal]] to my house to foster them until they are weaned onto solid food and ready to go up for adoption. It has been an amazing experience and pleasure to take care of this wonderful little family.

As a veterinary technician, I am accustomed to taking care of the sick and abandoned kittens. Watching the beauty of natural motherly instincts and true family bond has been so heart warming. Wendy has to be one of the most amazing mothers I have ever seen.

She is so attentive to her kittens and is talking and chirping at them constantly. She cuddles them, nurses, cleans and teaches all day long.

It is certainly true that a mother’s job is never easy. At about 10 days old, they kittens started opening their eyes and just about 3-5 days later their ears opened as well. It was so funny to see the little eyes trying to focus on me and the tiny ears flickering as they listened to me talk.

Little hisses came from them when they first saw this giant human coming at them but after just alittle bit of handling, they began to see me as part of the family.

I ‘d like to take the opportunity to introduce you to the kids (see video to the right):

  • Chalupa (brown female tabby) is definitly the bruiser and tomboy of the group. She is filled with so much personality and is always trying to get her brothers to wrestle (reminds me of myself as a child, LOL).
  • Chili (brown tabby male) is such  an old soul. He is very quiet and independent. He loves to sit on my lap when I come into the room and just looks up at me with such young but wise eyes.
  • French Fry (lighter orange boy) is such a sweet heart. You can always find him hanging out with Chalupa. He tends to lay on his side and smack her as she tries to wrestle. When playtime is done, he will proceed to lick Chalupa, clean himself then look for nap time on my lap or with Wendy.
  • Big Mac (darker orange boy)  is living up to his name as he is the largest by far of the group. He is an affectionate boy that loves his face and belly rubbed. You can always find him tagging along with Wendy. He is very much so a mommas boy.

This weekend, they will be having their first experiences with regular food. I am sure it will be a messy and fun time for all. The sooner they start eating regular food, the sooner they can come back for the rest of the Tabby’s Place family to meet them.

As much I will miss them, because my heart is quite attached, I know that they will be moving on to amazing lives with families of their own. Kittens born on a gloomy, chilly and rainy day as a new family with an unknown fate, now have the chance for nothing but happy days ahead.

I have been blessed with this experience of watching a wonderful mother and beautiful babies safely and happily grow. They are all so “stinkin cute” and I love to just lay on the floor and play with them. I have so much appreciation and admiration for all the hard work Wendy puts in all day, everyday. I will be sure to wish her the happiest Mothers Day this year.

5 thoughts on “The beauty of motherhood

  1. What a beautiful family, blessings to Wendy and her family, it will be good to see them go to their forever homes, thereby extending the Tabby’s Place family even further.

  2. Denise — Wendy was able to have a wonderful Mother’s Day because YOU were there, an unsung hero, helping her along and helping this little family to survive. There is nothing cuter than a momma cat and her babies! And these are the cutest ever. Thank you for loving them and giving them a wonderful start at life — I know it will be hard to let them go!

  3. Thank you so much for all your kind words. These little ones and their wonderful momma have been a blessing in my life. The time has come though to bring them back. Tonight, when my work day is complete, I will be sitting in their room watching our favorite shows and playing with the kittens for the last time. Tomorrow morning I will be packing up their things and bringing them back to Tabbys Place. It will not be the last time that I play with them, they will just no longer be in my home. It will be a bitter sweet departure. They are in need of more than I can give them at this point. They need more humans to play with them and love them so they can grow up to be wonderful cats. People will be coming to look at them and pick out the newest member of their family. As they will be leaving my family, they will join another. They will always remain a member of the Tabbys Place family. My job is complete. I provided the love food and and a clean safe place. Now its time for them to move on. I can only hope that someone falls in love with dear Wendy as well. Yes, she can be a little nuts but aren’t we all. LOL. She has worked non stop for her babies and she truely is a lovely girl. As I wave goodbye when they leave to start brand new lives, there will be tears of sadness and joy in my eyes. No matter how hard I try to not get attached, it happens everytime. There are so many kittens out there that need help, I can only hope that people welcome their home and hearts to enjoy the beauty of motherhood.

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