Meet Pepper

Meet Pepper

untitled-1For quite some time I have been promising to blog about Pepper, my current officemate.  With this post, I’m fulfilling that promise.

As you’ll see, Pepper is an amazing cat …

Pepper came to Tabby’s Place in 2006 from a shelter in Virginia.  Pepper was 12 years old and diabetic and the shelter could no longer use up valuable space for a cat with such dismal chances of adoption.

Pepper was not thrilled with other cats, but she managed to adjust to  our smallest suite.  She was always very happy and animated when humans visited.

In late 2007, Pepper began to lose weight very quickly.  A series of diagnosticpepper1 tests showed that she had two kinds of intestinal cancer.   The oncologist did not recommend surgery since Pepper had only a few weeks of life left.  I was heartbroken for this tortie and moved Pepper into my office so that she could spend her last days in comfort.

Well … that was 19 months ago and Pepper is thriving.  She has gained the weight back (and then some) and is in great spirits..  We just had a followup ultrasound done and the radiologist said that the cancer had not progressed at all.  She is amazed and can offer no explanation.

I humbly suggest that the explanation for this miracle is LOVE.  From the day she entered my office, Pepper has been a most devoted officemate.  She spends most of the day on my desk, touching me in some manner, usually with her front paws draped over my right arm.  In fact, I have become a left-handed mouse user so that I can get work done.

pepper-bff-1Pepper is an incredibly charming creature and no one enters my office without be wooed into giving her some attention.  But I have never known an animal as devoted to one person as Pepper is to me.

Needless to say, I love this girl back with the same devotion.  I believe this love has kept her going so far beyond expectations.  I have no other explanation.  And frankly, I dont want another one.

6 thoughts on “Meet Pepper

  1. When my shelter closed in December, I adopted January, the PAWS house cat. She is around 17. In June, she was diagnosed with untreatable adenocarcinoma of the colon. My vet encouraged me to at least try prednisone. January is amazingly still alive and thriving today. Your story about Pepper gives me even more hope for my cantankerous tabby.

    Pepper is beautiful…I am very partial to torties….

  2. I’m not sure who is happier in these photos — Jonathan or Pepper! But the love shared is glaringly obvious and, as you said so well, Jonathan – LOVE is the explanation for the miracle of Pepper — and of Tabby’s Place!

  3. Ohmigosh! What a sweet story. It was worth the wait. Thanks, Jonathan for giving such love & devotion to Pepper. Getting it back from her must be truly rewarding. What a sweet love she is. I like that she has to be touching you. She knows you’re her person. lol

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