Waffle: a scrumptious, little delight

Waffle: a scrumptious, little delight

waffle-761-8-3-2009-12-46-53You may have noticed we at Tabby’s Place like naming cats after foods. I really can’t say why this is. Maybe we’re hungry a lot around here. Or, maybe foods just make super cute names for super adorable cats. First, we had the [[The Value Meal|Value Meal]] and the [[Bein’ brave and havin’ fun: the Dessert Kids step out|Dessert Kids]], then the cereals, [[Dr. 90210, feline edition|Chex and Trix]]. Next on the menu is a real treat. Meet Waffle. (Please be advised this post contains semi-graphic medical photos.)

Waffle was found as a stray at 8 weeks old. People reported seeing this little one running around their neighborhood for weeks with what looked like a terrible injury to his right eye, but no one was able to catch him. Unfortunately, Waffle’s eye went untreated for quite some time until he was brought to Tabby’s Place. waffle

We believe Waffle suffered some type of trauma to his right eye which then became badly infected and caused the eye to rupture. Ouch! As you can see in the picture, his eye not only looked hideous but also very painful. You’d never know it from his behavior though. Waffle was purring from the second he came through the door and all through his initial physical exam. This just goes to show how truly amazing cats are.  I don’t know any person who would be in such good spirits when faced with a similar situation.

Sadly, our vet was not able to save Waffle’s eye. The damage was just too severe. So, on Thursday Waffle was neutered and had a complete enucleation on the right side.  Now he’s healing up wonderfully from his surgery and sewaffle-761-8-3-2009-12-57-58-pm1ems to have adjusted well to relying completely on the vision of his left eye. We expect little Waffle to make a full recovery and be adopted soon.

Despite everything he’s been through, Waffle is a big love bug . As soon as he spots a person he starts purring and kneading, and rolling from side to side. He just loves to be cuddled and have his belly rubbed. I don’t think he’s met anyone yet that hasn’t fallen madly in love with him. He might be the most affectionate kitten I’ve ever met! Dare I say he’s so cute you could just eat him up.

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