Marshmallowy Peep

Marshmallowy Peep

Oh, kittens.

This time the words have finally failed me.

I am besotted. I am befuddled. I am totalement tongue-tied.

Watch yourself, because you’re about to get more than a little twisted too.

It doesn’t happen the instant you enter the Community Room. No, you’ll think it’s just an ordinary day (as if there ever was such a thing), with the paraplegic orange dandelion in the window box and the slinky tabby surrounded by her tuxedo man-harem. Ho-hum. Nothing new to see here.

You’ll trundle along, perhaps pausing to greet the humans cleaning and typing and otherwise serving the ruling species. It’s at this point you will notice that one such human, Administrative Assistant And A Whole Lot More Ginny, appears to be working under her desk. Nothing is too strange at Tabby’s Place, but still, you’ll wonder.

And you’ll approach.
And Ginny will grin.
Because Ginny will know what’s about to go down.
It’s your heart, and your jaw, and possibly your dignity.

Ginny rolls back her chair, revealing the wondrous creature chilling beneath her desk.
You’ve just gotten your first glimpse of Peep…
and her teeny…


Peep is a cat of the highest caliber, with many outstanding qualities. But none of that matters in this moment. You are fixated on the sliver of bubblegum bobbling out at you from under her nose, a wiggly bologna blep that only seems to waggle more wildly when you pet Peep.

And you will pet Peep. If you are a human being at all, by this point you will be giddily petting Peep, and giggling, and getting down on the floor to love her more thoroughly, your heart liquefying and Peep’s tongue wiggling all the while.

Yes, kittens; Peep’s tongue sticks out 100% of the time. I am not making this up. The more excited she gets, the more she makes it jiggle. She’s so thrilled to see you that she can’t stop licking the air. It’s as though she craves more than five senses to fully experience All This Happiness.

And you — well, you’re supplying the lion’s share of the happiness.
Just by loving her.
Just by letting her lovableness overcome you.

At some point you may be able to contain yourself and gather your wits about you enough to admire Peep’s many perfections. She is not just hilarious, but also wise and thoughtful; she is not just a goofball, but also gorgeous, all sunrise-stripes and desert dune tones. She is not just a consumer of cuddles, but a giver of all the love.

ALL of it.

No one is immune, certainly not you.

And so we let words drop and dangle and fail, where only laughter and delight and air-licking exuberance will do. Easter is over, but Tabby’s Place treasures our marshmallowy Peep in all seasons.

1 thought on “Marshmallowy Peep

  1. Oh, that is a cute little tabbyladycat! New to Tabby’s Place, out on the Community Room floor and revealing her sweet personality. Peep, you will not linger long, I think. After Ginny and Angela introduce you to adopters looking for a little more serenity than in a kitten, you will be loved. Until then, charm us all with your wiggly bologna blep of tongue.

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