Light on

Light on

Things can get heavy, huh?

I’m talking global pandemic blues; tears for our country and world; the continuing crisis shortage of Cherry Zero; and the million million little and large agonies of ordinary life.

Portable therapists Han, Chewy, Leia and Luke are here for you in this difficult time.

These are the times that try kittens’ souls, leaving us baffled and hug-hungry and psyching ourselves up for the day by blasting 90s gangsta rap even if we’re personally only straight outta Flemington.

When things get this heavy, there’s just one thing to do: lighten up.

By which I mean: light up our eyes and our hearts and our hopes with gratuitous cat photos. More precisely, gratuitous kitten photos.

Kittens, I can’t heal our world, but I can offer you balm. Whatever tiny and terrific mountains you’re called to climb today, remember to carry the candle of childlikeness. The light beckons. The kittens will (always) help.

And then we have Tempura, more special than all her formidable Special Needs combined. Keep on keepin on, kittens. It is the orinch kitten way.



1 thought on “Light on

  1. Kittens! Adorable. I have to tell you, nothing brightens my day and makes me laugh out loud like playing with my orange prince Peanut. Orinch ballet star!

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