Keep them kitties rolling: the boys from Islip

Keep them kitties rolling: the boys from Islip

Rusty & Brando, BFF

It never fails to tickle me when two cats choose each other as “best friends forever.” No matter how many times I’ve seen a duo develop a bond, or a kindle of cats cuddled in a heap, the phenomenon of “cats who love cats” is always a source of delight to me.

So, naturally, I’m doubly smitten with the boys from Islip, BFFs Brando and Rusty.

I don’t know quite how long these cutie pies were together at the Long Island shelter where they lived prior to coming to Tabby’s Place, but it’s clear that whatever they’ve gone through together has bonded them – deeply.

If you’re looking for Rusty, you’d do well to find Brando, and vice versa. They make quite a pair: Brando is just aboutBrando the ultimate snuggle-bunny, with a big round head and a can’t-miss-it stump of a tail. RustyEven without his pronounced head tilt, tiny marmalade-and-cream Rusty would be instantly recognizable – he’s just beyond adorable. Quite fearful when he first joined us, Rusty has begun to trust the humans who adore him. But, Brando remains his favorite creature on earth.

Now, one of high-energy Rusty’s favorite games is…well, the best way to describe it is rolling. The first time I saw Rusty do it, I was sure there was catnip, or at least a toy, involved. But, no; Rusty entertains himself enormously just by rolling, over and over, side to side, ad infinitum.

On a recent afternoon, Rusty’s rolling set off one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. As usual, Brando and Brando joins Rusty's rollin' revelryRusty were together, enjoying the sunshine out in the solarium. For no apparent reason, Rusty began his giddy rolling (and rolling, and rolling).

Brando watched with great interest…then, clearly deciding that whatever Rusty was doing looked like fun, Brando took his place beside Rusty and began his own rolling frenzy.

I’ll never know just why this was so much fun for the boys, but it was a joy to see them having such a blast. I was grateful to have my camera in hand for all the synchronized spinning!

And, I remain grateful to know these goofy, devoted, lovable lads from Islip. My landlord’s “two-cat limit” (not to mention my two cats’ contentment with that limit) keeps me from adopting Brando and Rusty (and I would!). But, you will be among the first to know when they do find their forever home – and fingers and tails are crossed that they’ll go to that home together.


5 thoughts on “Keep them kitties rolling: the boys from Islip

  1. I love that they have found comfort and friendship with each other. If my best friend rolled around on the floor a lot, I bet I’d try it too 🙂

  2. My feline son Fluffy Barkley Masterson (aka Fluffo Man) also possesses a rolling fettish. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth………………. I thought he was doing it just to impress the girls (with particular emphasis on Celia Charlene). That was until I went in the kitchen one evening and caught him spread eagle on Celia. Her expression – “get this babboon off of me”; his expression – may we have some privacy PLLLLLEASE”. A quick call to the vet the next day confirmed that the proper surgical procedure had indeed been successfully performed but that some memories last forever!

    I am here but to serve cats!

  3. These boys are so cute it’s even hard to put into words — but as always, dear Angela has captured their essence and soul! If you have not had a chance to visit and meet these two, you owe it to yourself. And YES — they HAVE to go home together, when that wonderful day comes. As Angela said, if we didn’t have to have a limit in our homes (I have 7!), then Angela and I would be fighting over which one of us got to adopt them! Hugs and head kisses to all the fuzzies!

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