A Very Happy Donny Update :-)

A Very Happy Donny Update :-)

img_0943Remember Donny, the adorable orange kitten who had orthopedic surgery for a severely luxated patella in his left leg?  [[Donny is Doing Great|Last time we posted about Donny]] he had just started 3 months of complete cage rest.

Now, 3 months in a cage is a long time  for any cat, but for a kitten, it must seem interminable.  But Donny was an angel the entire time.  The (first part of the) happy news is that Donny was released yesterday.

All of the employees ands volunteers gathered in the Lobby to watch Donny finally able to run like other kittens.  We were not disappointed and it was an incredibly happy moment for all of us, who had grown to love Donny so much.

We recorded the moment for posterity, as you will see in the video to the right. It was almost unbearably cute to see Tashi (who has been Donny’s next-cage-neighbor) and Donny playing. They ended up playing for hours, after which they both collapsed and took well-deserved naps.

If you have watched the video, you also know the 2nd part of the great news: Donny was adopted and went to his forever home that same afternoon.

img_09592 We miss dear Donny, already.  We would have loved to have enjoyed him cage-free for a few days.  But we couldn’t deny him a home of his own for a minute longer.

And the adopter is one of our volunteers, so we will be able to saty in touch with his progress.

10 thoughts on “A Very Happy Donny Update :-)

    1. I didn’t mean to give the impression we adopted Donny… that’s not to say we wouldn’t have loved to adopt him… 🙂

      We were just visiting that day, but I’m also planning to volunteer at Tabby’s Place.

    2. Ohhh, I did misunderstand. Glad to hear you will start vounteering at TabbyPlace though! I volunteer there and everyone is wonderful, especially my favorite cats 🙂

  1. Based on that lovely video, I think Donny’s new Mom needs to adopt Tashi, too! They are made-for-each-other cat buddies! P.S. Suri waves her paw and says hello!

  2. Donny is adorable and could not have gotten a better start in life! May he have MANY years of good health, the best of everything, and lots of “fuzzy” friends to keep him company! Give this boy a cuddle from all of us!

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