110729-jambalaya-by-denise-1He’s jammin. Yeh. He wants to jam it wid’ you.

He’s jammin.

And he hopes you like jammin too.

I am Jambalaya. I am not large. I am not fat. I am "husky." I am glorious. I do like jam.
I am Jambalaya. I am not large. I am not fat. I am "husky." I am glorious. I do like jam.

No, no, not Ronathan. I’m talking about Jambalaya.

It seems that things have only gotten sweeter since we last heard from our jumbo jammer. But don’t take it from me. AwesomeAdopter Susan, please waltz us into the jam:

“Here are some recent pictures of Jamba.

“One of the things he likes to do is drag around a towel. My neighbor says he’s helping me clean the floors. I give him his own hand towel to drag around, but in this photo, he’s taken some bath towels that were going into the laundry.

Nice work if you can get it.
Nice work if you can get it.

“Jamba is just adorable, and even Orangino, my cat who is afraid of his own shadow, has reached out to him for friendship.

“I’m working on getting Jamba to accept some help in hygiene. He’s a husky boy and needs help with his back quarters for grooming, but he protests when I brush him.

“We’ll keep working on it. Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

After a hard day as a washerman...
After a hard day as a washerman...

Nor was Kingston, Jamaica. Nor even Ringoes, NJ. But fear not, Susan; you’ve got time. Jambalaya has committed himself to jammin till the jam is through.

And that’s a campaign promise on which you can depend.

Hmmm…Jambalaya for President: Clean Floors and Unlimited Jams in 2012. I can see it. With Orangino as VP, stores just might start selling out of marmalade – which is, of course, nothing but orange jam.

Somebody stop me.

Until then, I hope you like jammin too.

Jamba, you are blessed beyond measure. And, Susan, we wish you could tutor every potential adopter in cat-adoring – you are doing it very, very right. 😉

3 thoughts on “Jammin

  1. Could this cat be any cuter? Look at him with that towel — what a lovebug!!! I prefer the term “sturdy” myself (for me and my “larger” cats!)!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’m with Karen….”sturdy” is the perfect word for Jambalaya, myself and both my cats and dog. I hope Jambalaya keeps on jammin for a long time to come! Love to him and his new family!

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