It’s a Marshmallow World in the…Springtime?

It’s a Marshmallow World in the…Springtime?

MarshmallowThat jolly old song may not have been written for March, but I’ve been singing it ever since a certain white kitten arrived at Tabby’s Place…and, as of this past weekend, he’s got a forever family singing his praises, too.

While no cat is “unadoptable” in our book at Tabby’s Place (exhibit A: Bagheera), little Marshmallow did seem to have every item on the Super-Adoptable Checklist:

  1. Small? Check.
  2. Very young? Check.
  3. All white? CheckOK, except for a few gray speckles on his head. So he’s a toasted Marshmallow.
  4. Effusively affectionate and sweet? Check and double-check.

Yep, this little fellow had it all. In fact, we all agreed that he’d likely be adopted straight out of Intake. (That’s one of ourMarshmallow holding rooms, where a Tabby’s Place cat hangs out for his first three weeks with us. After clearing the quarantine process, each kitty moves into one of our regular Suites. The ultra-adoptable, however, are often adopted “straight out of Intake.”)

So, what in heaven’s name was Marshmallow doing at Tabby’s Place nearly a month after moving into a Suite??

Your guess is as good as mine (my guess: his adoption into this particular family was meant to be), but this sweet, enchanting little fellow is finally in his forever home – now very much a Marshmallow world.

3 thoughts on “It’s a Marshmallow World in the…Springtime?

  1. My theory: Marshmallow may be the sort of cat that is normally adopted quickly, but perhaps Marshmallow is picky about whom he’ll live with. A cat has its standards, ya know.

  2. Hello everyone,

    I am Marshmallow’s new mommy and I just wanted to let everyone know that he is doing great. My little Marshmallow is “the apple of my eye” and has truly found his forever home in my home.
    I am glad that he was not adopted during his first month at Tabby’s Place. Not that he wouldn’t have deserved it … he definitely would have. But thanks to this little waiting period I was able to find my new baby.
    I had heard about Tabby’s Place from the news, loved what it represented, and searched for the website instantly. Marshmallow seemed to stand out and I just had to come to Tabby’s Place to meet him.
    Once I entered his suite, he came running right up to me, climbing into my lab while purring quite loudly. Well, what can I say. That sealed the deal and here we are.
    I truly believe that Marshmallow was meant to be with me … and both of us couldn’t be more delighted 🙂

    Thanks to everyone at Tabby’s Place.
    Kristina & Marshmallow

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