Groovy Grady news!

Groovy Grady news!

Grady“The Gra-dy bunch, the Grady bunch…”

So Jonathan came singing – gleefully - into the Community Room. Knowing that we’ve been waiting for results from Grady‘s weekend CT scan – and knowing that nothing makes Jonathan merrier than good news for a cat - I spun around immediately. “Is there news about Grady??”

Dear friends, you bet there’s news!

And it’s definitely news meriting a song. Based on Grady’s CT scan, our veterinarian and the specialist agree that we should move ahead with surgery for Grady…surgery which (this is the glorious part) could buy him years - years, plural! The sweet capstone on that good news is the fact that the type of surgery Grady will have doesn’t threaten a particularly difficult recovery. Knowing this marshmallow-sweet old boy, he will handle it all with grace (and oodles of kisses, cuddles and cans of wet food). 

I think Grady picked up on my light and grateful 090314-grady-keeps-the-printer-warm-4mood when I went over to rejoice with him after hearing his grand news. As is his habit, as soon as I said his name, Grady rolled onto his side and showed his fluffy belly, a patented melt-Angela-in-a-moment move. (And, no, of course I’m not the only meltee. :-)) Now there’s sturdy reason to hope that Grady will be melting the hearts of all who meet him for years (years!) to come.

Just this morning, the radio DJs on my favorite station were asking folks to call in and offer something to be thankful for on a gray NJ Monday. I may just have to pick up the phone and let them know about our beloved boy’s megadose of gracious good news.

Thank you for loving and following our Grady – I look forward to reporting back as soon as we know more. In the meantime, please keep those prayers a-coming!

PS – In the photo above right, Grady is getting some love while snoozing on one of his favorite “beds”…the printer. 😀

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