Gratuitous cat photos: Scared don’t stay

Gratuitous cat photos: Scared don’t stay

Are you scared, kittens?

Maybe a little bit anxious, frightened, fearful of what you don’t know is coming?

Mudpie on arrival…

You’re not alone. (You’re never alone, in any respect, but that’s another story.)

We’re nervous, too. And by “we,” I mean cats and kittens and humanoids of all shapes and sizes. Everyone is a little bit afraid sometimes. And by “sometimes,” I mean “most of the time,” at least if you include that low-grade fear that Germans call angst and Russians call spleen, the one that calls us all by name and doesn’t respect closing time.

So as we forge onward in a New Year with fear and awe and trembling and delight, all in one big hash of feelies, let’s learn from the kittens: scared does not, in fact, stay on Level 10 forever. Odds are good you’ll always be spleening about a little something or other, but the big giant fears do meet the big giant dust once they’re met by Love.

And Love meets us all, sooner or later. Bank on it, buckaroos.



…and Mudpie post-exposure to Love.
Summer scared…
Summer snuggly…
…Summer ADOPTED.

Unholy trinity Damien, Gideon and Amaya, all full of fears and teeny-tiny wrath…

…turned to tender toddlers, feeling treasured.

All this fear-foiling can only bode well for our nervous newbies:

Angsty Link
Jumpy Gideon
Verklempt Google
Scaredy Bing (you know this fella’s got serious spleen)

Fear comes. Love outlasts it. Every. Single. Time. Count on that.

Happy Friday, kittens.

Oh, and up top in that there thumbnail? That would be Domenico and Tamara, who started scared and shivery but have since been snuggled into sweetness by the Jessification process. Jess fosters kittens with a mighty love, and no fear is safe in her keeping.

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  1. How wonderful to see the fear and mistrust change – to curiousness, then trust and love. Giving these sweet kitties a chance for adoption – for a forever home like Summer! Tabby’s Place magic. Thank you.

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