GCP Season 2016 Opens

GCP Season 2016 Opens

30774385940_a63f21991e_zTiffany’s knows it.
Macy’s knows it.
All the elves and turkeys and abominable snowmen know it.

That’s right, my little sugarplums: it’s the most magical time of the year…GCP Season at Tabby’s Place.

No, that’s not Grand Central Parkway Season, Go Cancel Politics Season or even the ever-festive Glutamate Carboxypeptidase Season.

It’s better than all of those combined. It’s Gratuitous Cat Photo Season.

If this is your first time around this rodeo, you should know that GCP Season is a direct result of your personal wonderfulness. True fact. When The Holidays(TM) roll around, you — individually and collectively — are generally so generous, so outrageously, spectacularly, make-us-cry-with-emotion generous, that I must forsake regular posting so as to keep up with thanking you, counting all the dollars, and asking you for more dollars so the cats can have enough insulin and hugs and lobster Florentine prescription food in 2017. And then I can thank you some more, and we’ll all do the Dance of Joy at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Yes, this is the job description of a Development Director.

But in all seriousness, y’all donate around 1/3 of Tabby’s Place’s income in the last stretch of the year, so we depend on your year-end magic more than you can imagine. It’s my job, and my joy, to thank you and honor you with all my might as you save the season and the day, day after devoted day.

GCP Season is my sop to you. Of course, I am under no illusion that my wandering words could compete with cat photos under any circumstances, so let’s get to it:


Today’s Gratuitous Cat Photo comes to us courtesy of the great Mark. As you can see, Olive is anxiously awaiting her holiday visitors.

So get over here to Tabby’s Place to see/love/donate to the cats, OK? I promise we will all thank you from the depths of our deepness. (And we’re so deep, there’s probably giant iridescent squid we don’t know about in our souls. And they will love you, too, you deeply devoted lovers of the light.)

Happy GCP Season, sweet ones. The wonder is you.

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  1. Olive sees roasted turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy! Happy holidays dear Olive (and Mango!) and all wonderful kitties and people at Tabby’s Place! The happiest and most wonderful cat sanctuary in the world!

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