Forever loved: Chance

Forever loved: Chance

100308-chance-by-heatherThe entire year we had with Chance was a gift, a “bonus.” He wasn’t “supposed to” have had a whole new life at the age of…well, we can only guess somewhere between 12 and 800.

That last, “bonus” year was the sweetest, and not just for Chance. His passing has left a tremendous, loud-meowing void.

100211-chanceIt’s been amazing – staggering, really – how many folks have e-mailed me these last few days. Where is Chance? His photo isn’t on the website any more. Please tell me he’s been adopted… E-mail after e-mail after e-mail. This cat was loved. Who knew that Chance was so adored, even beyond our walls, even by people who had never heard his marmalade roar in person? Silly question – I should have had heart-eyes to see by now just how much love enfolds each Tabby’s Place cat, especially the hard-luck kids like Chance.

I’ve been struggling to find the words for this post. In what I can only see as the mercy of God, they’ve been provided by another of Chance’s many, many devotees. Larry, thank you for honoring our always-adored “grumpy old man,” Chance…

“When I heard about the loss of Chance, I was saddened. Chance represented what we do at Tabby’s Place, and whey we do it. Chance is part of our history, and we loved him. As much as that is true, Chance is only part of our history. Other honored kitties include Hillary, Molly, Erin and Mozart. My list of honored kitties is much longer. There are many lists of honored kitties. Their names can be found in the hearts of Tabby’s people.

“To honor Chance, his journey is told with love. Chance’s might have told his own history this way:

Chance with Harley & Tashi, two of those roomies about whom he "wasn't so sure."
Chance with Harley & Tashi, two of those roomies about whom he "wasn't so sure."

“I was trapped in the basement of a large building, in a very dark room. Sometimes it was hot, sometimes very cold. Workers would leave me food, but I often was hungry and very unhappy.

“It was so dark I was not able to see, and so I tried to stay hidden most of the time. One day some people came and took me away. The light was so bright it hurt my eyes, and I was, once again, not able to see. They took me to a place and placed me in a cage. I was afraid. But these people provided a bed for me, and I was able to hide there. They spoke in soft tones and gave me things to eat – lots of things, good things.

“In time, I learned that they would not hurt me. They wanted to be my friends. I learned that I could trust them. I now live in a large room with lots of roommates. I am often not sure about some of my roommates, though. But, still, I am happy.”

“We are happy that we were part of his life. We will miss him very much.”

Until we meet again, Sir Chance-a-Lot, you will always be one of the great ones. Thank you for letting us cherish you, for getting to see so many facets of your essence. You loved well, roared loudly, showed mercy to kittens, pitied no fools. We love you, now and forever…


9 thoughts on “Forever loved: Chance

  1. Aw, little Chance, I will miss you until I see you again one day. Say hello to the rest of our cat friends on the other side of the bridge, and save us a place in the bright, warm sun.

  2. I loved Chance more than I can ever put into words…his passing has left me and so many others heartbroken — but we are all the more enriched for having had the opportunity to love and know this brave little cat. Thank you, Chance, and Thank you, Tabby’s Place — without you, there are no chances.

  3. Oh Angela – that is not what I had hoped would be your response. I am so sad that Chance has passed on. All of you at Tabby’s gave him the love that he so richly deserved in his last year of life – for that I am happy. He is with the angels now – whole and happy again.

  4. Add me to the many quiet fans of Chance. This news has taken me off guard. So here I sit in bed in Florida on vacation@ midnight hysterically crying. I wanted more for Chance, I wanted what I could never give him: I wanted to take back the life he had and give him another, much better one.
    I’m so sad.
    I will never forget Chance.

  5. RIP Chance, you were through alot in your life but atleast you had the opportunity to experience the love of everyone at Tabby’s place. You are in a better place now.

  6. God Bless and keep Chance happy, loved and safe until we all can meet again one day. I loved Chance from the minute I heard his story. I was so happy that he had found his way to Tabby’s Place where he would be safe and loved for however long he lived. Thank you Tabby’s Place for loving on him and showing him the best life had to offer.

  7. Rest in peace, sweet Chance. Your bravery did not go unnoticed–may you always feel comfortable and safe like you so deeply deserved here. Thank you, Tabby’s Place, for giving Chance and all the other special kitties love and hope in this life.

  8. I’m still having a tough time with this one as it came out of the blue. I am so glad that Chance was rescued and came to Tabby’s Place. Without that, he never would have known unconditional love. He definitely knew love and happiness in his last year of life, and he certainly deserved it. Thank you Tabby’s Place for giving this boy a second chance at life and letting him go out as a happy & much loved cat.

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