Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: For the Ages

Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: For the Ages

Some of the cats at Tabby’s Place behave exactly as we’d expect for their ages. Others? Not so much.Farva totes acts his age, being exactly as on the cusp of adult as would be expected. Some days, he is a black streak of squeak chasing after a ball. On other days, he is similarly squeaky, but his focus is more intent on a stationary toy – often one with balls nested within. Farva, in short, is very young and definitely acts his age.

On the other hand, there is one Tabby’s Place resident who fooled us all from the moment she arrived. Copycat appears to be somewhere in the young adult age range. Some of us humans guessed her for around 7 years old, some even mistook her for another nearly grown-up kitten. We were all so very, very wrong. It was surprising to be informed that the good lady could be as much as 16 years old. Who is to say what her precise reality is? It is Copycat’s right to change her mind about her age on any given day and as many times a day as she pleases. Sometimes, she can be found in a curled up ball of snoozing seniorness. Other times, Copycat is out-prancing, out-chirping, and out-dancing Farva, even at his swirliest.

Meanwhile, the Kitten Suite is filled with the actually young – super young, in fact. With tiny poofs of fur desperately wanting attention and entertainment, the kitten room is often a tizzy of activity, although some of the resident babies are quite inclined to cuddle in a lap for long periods as much as leap about for significant portions of their day. After all, kittens do need plenty of sleep to grow. But, once naps are over and treats are gobbled, playtime resumes with gusto! No wand toy will be ignored! No ball will be unchased! No shoelace is safe from attempts to untie, no matter the efforts to dissuade. The very young in action are a joyful sight, but not more so than the young-ish cats.

Age-defying Brian may be 14 years old. He refuses to admit to his age because that’s just not how he feels in his deep-deeps. He doesn’t act a day over 4…except when he does. That’s his right. He also feels that it is his right to befriend each of his suitemates. Brian has been spotted giving Ash kisses on her head. Attempts with other suitemates aren’t always so graciously received. But, Brian will try to work his magic to break through any and all barriers to making friends. Eventually, terms will be settled, but until then negotiations will continue.

Similarly, at Tabby’s Place every cat, of any age is met on their own terms as much as possible in order to provide the highest level of comfort along with necessary personal and medical care. It is all done with love, even when the negotiations seem never ending, like coaxing Anka to accept needed brushing through bribery (chicken!!), or convincing Cornbread that people-attention is as good as cat-attention (Hope springs eternal!). No matter how long it takes, regardless of whether an agreement is ever finalized or formalized, all of the Tabby’s Place residents are guaranteed to be cared for and adored exactly as they are and regardless of their actual ages, or how old they claim to be.

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