Fauxreo’s real love

Fauxreo’s real love

Oreo/Hydrox/OscarBy now, we shouldn’t have been surprised…but we couldn’t help it. Not another one.

Yes, yet another cat had come to Tabby’s Place with the name…(sigh) Oreo. We couldn’t – we wouldn’t – leave him to the fate of being the 900,000th 6th Oreo at Tabby’s Place (and the third simultaneously). Something had to be done. Something serious. In a flash, Oreo the Sixth became Hydrox, narrowly evading the fate of being another Oreo.

But Hydrox’s forever family wasn’t satisfied. Taking seriously T.S. Eliot’s injunction about the serious matter of getting a cat’s name right, they took a few days to determine Hydrox’s true name.

The answer? Oscar.

It’s altogether too obvious to rhapsodize about this former-cookie-cat’s sweetness, so I’ll simply hand the mic over to J. and A., Oscardroxeo’s forever family. A. and J., tell us: what are the top ten reasons to adore this boy? 

Oscar in his forever home10. “He sleeps through the night.

9. He’s not fussy about food.

8. He’s meticulous in the litter box.

7. He uses the scratching post.

6. He’s a best friend to his brother, Skeezicks, playing, wrestling, leaping, chasing around the house like kittens.

5. He loves getting his belly rubbed, flipping upside down and lying spread-eagle awaiting your touch.

4. When his brother is napping, he can entertain himself with toys.

3. He ignores his sister Molly’s hisses and takes them in stride.

2. He talks! Chirps, squeaks, meows!

And the number one reason to love this cat:

Oscar at Tabby's Place1. He’s a sweet, gentle soul.”

Nothing faux or common about that…and nothing forgettable, either. You are living the dream, Oscar.

Did you get the memo, future families of Luke and Videl? It’s homecoming season for New York cats. Your babies are ready and waiting for you.

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