Epilogues: June 2016

Epilogues: June 2016

27781927735_a1935dfccb_zIt’s okay if you don’t understand certain things:

  1. Brexit
  2. The Seven Kingdoms on Game of Thrones
  3. Why your dad slathers butter on pound cake
  4. June 2016

June's been strange. Here, have a Harry.
June’s been strange. Here, have a Harry.

Understanding is never a prerequisite for love. And so, bemused and befuddled, let’s look back lovingly on one strange June:

Arrived: Lars, Phaedra, Draco, Hermione, Ron, Biz, Mischione, Daryl, Herschel, Rick, Carol, Galadriel, Camina, Ford, Chevy, Ram, Shelby, June, Sunshine, Cashmere, Bud, Bucky

Adopted: Tina & Whitney (together); Cosmos; Jeremy; Kiosk & Wawa (together); Deanna; Onyx; Ramona; Bodega; Kornelia; Duke; Emmy; Mr. Grey Fluffy Pants; Charcoal; Harry & Ziggy (together); Amethyst & Ametrine (together); Kroger; Grace

Returned: Leila, Sally

Cleared from Quarantine: Sallie (not to be confused with Sally), Miranda, Dwayne, Trevor, Garnet, Dante, Simba, Tiger Lily, Claudia

And a Sallie.
And a Sallie.

Promoted to the Lobby: Lars

Exorcism Waiting List: Dante, Sally, Tiger Lily

Self-Promoted to the Community Room: Melanie

Promoted to Development Director: Bucca*

Demoted to Development Assistant: Angela

Promoted to Heaven: Phaedra; Morgan; Racquel; Goldie; Chester

Born Free:* Gretchen; Sneaky & Ferret (together); Billy Jean & Chinchilla (together)

So, June, if it’s alright with you, we’ll be making our Jexit. On to greater jubilation, kittens.

*On whom more soon.

**Adopted to outdoor/barn/farm settings, and getting down with their bad selves the way they love it best. Thank you for letting them be themselves again. If they were you, they’d want to be them, too.


And a great big gratuitous puddle of Rickman.
And a great big gratuitous puddle of Rickman.


2 thoughts on “Epilogues: June 2016

  1. SNEAKY! Bless your little shy self – you’ve got yourself a buddy and a barncat mansion. Jeremy – love is the strongest and best medicine on earth. Long life to you, little braveheart! And Deanna has been a friend of mine for a long time – happiness and love to you, little lady. Wonderful adoptions!

  2. I am so happy Emmy was adopted! I met her back in April when my husband and I visited. We ended up adopting 8 year old brothers in desperate need of a home, but I could never get Emmy and her story off my mind. So happy for her!

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