Bernadette and Elise: A Love Story

Bernadette and Elise: A Love Story

img_0261If you’ve seen gorgeous photos on this blog, you’ve seen the work of our uber-volunteer, Jessica.

But did you know that, in addition to photographic eminence, Jess also has (a) a flair for wonderful writing and (b) one very lucky Tabby’s Place cat of her own?

img_3758Making matters more splendorous, Jess’ Tabby’s Place cat has one very special little girl of her own. This is where I step aside and let Jess do the dreamweaving:

“It was more than a year ago that I began volunteering for Tabby’s Place, and I knew right away it would be hopeless to resist adopting one of the wonderful cats.

“There was an empty space in our house since my dear tortie Keebler had passed away suddenly the year before. But with two young daughters, a big dog, and an elderly cat in our home, I knew I’d have to be careful about choosing the right match for our full household. The biggest requirement for us was that the cat would be tolerant of our two young girls. My girls are pretty gentle, but, stil,l they are young and rambunctious, and not every cat’s cup of tea.

dsc_4600“When we adopted Bernadette, a gorgeous silky, green-eyed, orange female tabby, from Tabby’s Place, we knew she was friendly and tolerant. But what we didn’t expect was how much she would bond with my six-year-old daughter, Elise.

“Perhaps it was because we introduced Bernadette into the household by starting her off in Elise’s room that she grew so attached. Whatever the reason, she now is joint occupant/ruler of that room, and spends most of her days and nights snuggled in my daughter’s blankets.

“At night, I can hear my daughter mumbling to Bernadette in her funny cat voice as she drifts off to sleep. In the morning when I come in to wake Elise for school, Bernadette is always lying by her side, ready for a morning cuddle and head scratch.

“Bernadette has been very affectionate with the whole human family (the elderly cat and dog are another story–let’s just say they peacefully coexist), but I could have never imagined she would form such a close bond with my older daughter. Thank you, Tabby’s Place, for giving my daughter the amazing gift of feline friendship at such a young age. I am sure this bond will foster her love of animals throughout her life.”img_3756

Jess, it’s having you as her mama that is going to give Elise a lionheart. But, yes: Bernadette’s role in Elise’s process of Growing Up Awesome seems certain. And that would make this song of Bernadette just about the sweetest ever heard.

Thank you, Jess. Thank you, Elise. And thank you, beautiful Bernadette.

PS: Gratuitous photos, naturally, also courtesy of Jess.
PPS: Elise’s name has been changed to protect her privacy. The last thing she needs is Dobro and Jackie sending her unsolicited emails.

3 thoughts on “Bernadette and Elise: A Love Story

  1. Love this story – love Jess and her adorable daughter and the fact that these children are being raised to know what it is to love and cherish pets! Is this cat magnificently gorgeous?!!!

  2. It is a great story and children are never too young to learn the value of loving an animal and the love they get in return. I can related to the one part, we have one who has made our bedroom her domain.

  3. This brought tears to my eyes. Believe it or not, even though it has been ALL those years ago, I can remember being this little girl. What a wonderful ‘happily ever after’.

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