Abu Dhabi loves Crystal!

Abu Dhabi loves Crystal!

080703-crystal-by-gail-43Fellow fans of the Saturday morning Garfield cartoon will remember that Garfield was forever attempting to mail Nermal, his obnoxiously cute cousin, to Abu Dhabi. Well, maybe Nermal finally got there and told the good people of Abu Dhabi about Tabby’s Place, because our cats now have their very first Benefactor from the United Arab Emirates.

(And, yes, I had to look it up on a map to see exactly where the UAE is located. :-))

Now, not to knock the sparkling metropolis that is Ringoes, NJ (read: Mayberry lite), but there’s something especially touching about knowing that folks a world away care for our cats.

Think about it; cats who nobody wanted now have people caring for them from multiple continents. It’s quite a Nermalreminder of the goodness and mercy sprinkled throughout this world.

Abu Dhabi’s affection couldn’t be reaching a nicer kitty, either. As it happens, our friends in the UAE are supporting Crystal – a sweet-as-pudding girl who looks approximately 285 years old and lives for cuddling.

For all her sweetness, Crystal’s had a rough life. She has severe inflammatory bowel disease, and has made it to her old age without finding a home. I can’t tell you how much hope it gives me to know that this little survivor has international allies in her golden years. How right it seems that the most vulnerable, least-wanted cats should finally find true friends near and far. It kind of redefines “wanted,” doesn’t it?

middleeast-450-unitedarabemirates12One of the greatest gifts the cats bring into my life is the daily reminder of what loving folks are out there, from Ringoes to Abu Dhabi to Bulgaria (home to one of big Fuzzy‘s sponsors).

Maybe the people led to care about the most vulnerable cats know a thing or two about feeling vulnerable themselves, and have learned the power of extending mercy and love. Maybe the cats just bring out the most beautiful in everyone who loves them.

Whatever the cause, for so many reasons, I can never thank the cats enough.

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