A little kitten shall lead them all

A little kitten shall lead them all

1If humans were felines, most of you crazy characters reading these words would be full-grown cats.*

That’s good. That’s excellent. Cats like you and I do the laundry and call our senators and have the skills that pay the bills.

But make no mistake: a little kitten shall lead us all.

If ever you worried about the state of the rising generation, one wee wonder-woman is here to put your fears to rest.

Meet Lizzie.

Lizzie first came to Tabby’s Place to participate in Paws to Read. At least, that’s what it looked like Lizzie came for.

Jonathan and Lizzie

But it’s become delightfully obvious that Lizzie’s real call and purpose at Tabby’s Place is to restore hope.

Seeing Lizzie and her fellow human kittens tumble into Tabby’s Place every other week, overcome with excitement just to read and hold and adore our cats, is a heart-saving lesson in Kindness 101. The human kittens’ intentions are pure. Their hearts are bottomless. They lavish the feline cats with focused attention, unconditional love, and stories on and beyond the page.

The cats can’t get enough.
And by “the cats,” I include you and me.

Every one of our Paws to Read kids is a diamond. But Lizzie got her sparkle on in a spectacular way by taking it upon herself to help the cats in a hands-on, dollars-in way. In a wildly successful campaign she called “Paws for a Cause,” Lizzie called forth a tidal wave of kindness from all corners.

The cats are in awe.
All of us cats.

In these tumultuous times, it is easy to be anxious about the future. All manner of sinister stories spool out inside our heads. But then we look at Lizzie, and all the little ones who spend their Saturdays reading to cats, and a very different story starts to tell itself.

Lizzie and Riley
Lizzie and Riley

The future looks a lot like kindness, kittens.

I’ll leave you with Lizzie and her parents’ perfect take on the experience:

Elizabeth B., 9, raised $525 and collected cat toys, food and supplies for Tabby’s Place. She took up the collection after visiting the cat sanctuary last month to read to injured and disabled cats there.

“I feel really proud to donate this money, because the cats at Tabby’s Place really need it.”

She recorded a video and shared it with friends and family to request donations. She also shared video messages to update donors on her progress. She logged the donations, tallied the amount and wrote personal thank you notes to her donors.

“People were very generous and giving to the cats. That makes me proud and happy.”

Thank you, Lizzie, in more ways than you can imagine.

*Not to discount our robust toddler audience.




4 thoughts on “A little kitten shall lead them all

  1. Lizzy! You are awesome. I have been so happy having you come and be a part of Paws to Read. You made such a strong connection with Riley that first day and now he has a forever home, partly in thanks to the love that you gave him. I’m sorry I wasn’t there the day that you brought in your donation. You are an amazing, generous girl! The cats thank you from the bottom of their furry hearts. I’m really looking forward to seeing you each time you come to read to our cats. You are a treasure!

  2. What a wonderful story. Lizzie, you are a great person. Reading and cats, two of our favorite things in the whole world. If you get a chance, please read a story to Steven and Miriam – two great cats that live at Tabby’s Place and would love to meet you!

  3. Hi Lizzie! I was so delighted to read this story about you! You are lovely, smart, generous – the cat’s meow! Excellent job – thank you for your efforts to help the cats at Tabby’s Place – both with your time and donations.

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