2004: Tabby’s Place Video

2004: Tabby’s Place Video


In 2004, after Tabby’s Place had been open for less than a year, we were fortunate to be featured on New Jersey Network’s (NJN) Homeless Tails.  The show’s host, Sandy Levine, also made a wonderful video of Tabby’s Place.  While NJN is no more, Sandy is alive and thriving.

Sandy has become a good friend over the years.  She called me yesterday to say that she had just watched the video again, as she was including it in her online portfolio to promote her video production company.  She remarked that she still found the story to be so poignant, even after all the years.

It is truly a great video (I say without prejudice 🙂 and I figured that many of you had not seen it.  Here it is.  Enjoy.

Here is a link to Sandy’s production company.

6 thoughts on “2004: Tabby’s Place Video

  1. Jonathan, you’re so right – a truly great video. Showcasing a truly great man! You can be certain Tabby is the proudest cat in kitty heaven! Thank you for all you do and have done!
    Bialy and Joe send their love!

    Lyn & Greg

  2. I’ve always said it and I’ll say it again — Jonathan, you are my hero. By the way…NJN is no more but a new New Jersey station has taken its place — more to come!

  3. Thanks very much for sharing this video-it is wonderful! It did not mention the Guardian Angel Program which is also a wonderful part of what Tabby’s Place does – maybe it didn’t exist yet? Anyway, it gives me peace of mind to be enrolled. I’m very happy to have Tabby’s Place in my life and to volunteer there. The kitty-cats of this world need more people like you, Jonathan. I hope you realize your dream to take care of 400+ cats one day!

  4. That was a wonderful video and it truly expresses what Tabby’s Place means to you along with what it has done for the many cats who have crossed its threshold. Tabby’s Place will not only carry the legacy of the wonderful cat whose name it bears but also of the wonderful person who created it in that cats honor.

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