Where are they Now: Bagheera

Where are they Now: Bagheera

bagheera-in-cartIf you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know about “Bags” (Bagheera).  He was our first paraplegic cat and had an amazing personality.   To our amazement and delight, he was adopted several years ago by a wonderful vet, Dr. M.

Given the recent adoption of our second paraplegic, Tashi, and the intake of our latest paraplegic, Dot, this is an opportune time to let you know ho0w Bags is doing.

Since Bagheera was adopted, I have had the chance to see him twice. First time was during a trip my wife and I took to Connecticut, where he was living.   His adopter decided to move to Florida, so while driving down the coast, she stopped by and I got to see Bagheera again.  He looked wonderful and it was so touching to hold him again.
Recently, Dr. M. sent me a letter with a photo and an update on Bags:

Bagheera is doing great.  The Florida sun agrees with all of us.

This is Bagheera with Santa this year [2011].  He is sporting his new purple Christmas sweater.

To everyone amd the kittes at Tabby’s Place,

— Dr. M. and Bagheera

Bags just turned 15 and we are thrilled at how he is continuing to thrive.

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  1. What a wonderful update. I often wonder how the cats that have been adopted are doing and when an adopter shares an update on them it is delightful. Best to Dr. M and Bags, many more happy years.

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