Useful Cats, Part II

Useful Cats, Part II

catonphoneMaybe I’m just noticing this now, but useful cats are poppin’ up all over the world. Now the UK moggies are joining the cause.

I just stumbled upon this story of Valentine, a talking cat. No big deal, you say, lots of cats “talk.” That was my first thought, also. And, after seeing the video, I was unimpressed.

But, then this quote caught my eye:
Boring Insurance Sales Talk

“His favourite time is when Trevor calls from work. But he’s also spoken to a local radio presenter and even an insurance salesman.”

Maybe I’m digging too deep, but there aren’t many things more boring than speaking to an insurance salesman, are there? I think this qualifies as “useful,” don’t you? Read the full story and let us know what you think.

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