The Winter of our content

The Winter of our content

winter-safe-back-in-his-suite-286x3001It’s been a long, strange trip for a certain ceiling cat.

No, not that one. This one.

I don’t mean the trip from Missouri to New Jersey – though that was plenty long.

I don’t mean the trip from Suite C into the ceiling back into Suite C – though that was plenty strange.

No…I mean the trip from being an abandoned, unwanted, euthanasia-bound homeless dude to being a cherished pasha in the palace of his very own people.

You think I’m exaggerating about that “pasha” bit, do you? Well…feast your heart on the following from Winter’s forever fam:

Winter cherished in his forever home
Winter cherished in his forever home

Does he have it good? He has it gooder than Goldfinger. But not primarily because he’s got a cozy, cuddly life – no, the heart of the goodness Winter’s got is…well, the hearts of his new Mom and Dad. Let’s call these AwesomeAdopters Wintina and Wintello.

Somehow, saying “Winter’s new family loves him” feels like a ghastly understatement (along the lines of, “China is large” or “Ke$ha’s lyrics are not deep” or “Webster is awesome”). So I’ll let Wintina herself speak for this amazing love:

“We feel so blessed to have the privilege of adopting Winter (whom we’ve re-named Winston, which is a nice transition if I do say so myself).

“What a lovable boy he is indeed! It was love at first sight when I walked up to him and he put both paws on my coat and tried to climb me for affection and hugs! I knew this was the cat for me, and that the 2 hour drive was worth every minute.

p1280267“I had been looking for probably close to a year for a white, long-haired cat with a disposition that would make him a good candidate to take to nursing homes to visit patients. There’s just something angelic about this sort of cat, and the white hair won’t show up on the patients’ sheets! Hee hee.

“Seriously, though, I hadn’t come across a cat with a blue eye and a green eye before Winter, so I thought that it may be a sign. He has certainly taught us patience, and he is acclimating himself to our home very nicely. Time will tell if he likes visiting nursing homes, and if not, that’s perfectly okay. He’s more than welcome to remain home with the rest of our li’l zoo to nap and play the day away.

Special thanks to Wintina and Wintello for these awesome shots of Winston in his forever home.
Special thanks to Wintina and Wintello for these awesome shots of Winston in his forever home.

“Many thanks to Danielle for her sweet, kind professionalism, and to Tabby’s Place for doing such an outstanding job taking care of these beautiful cats and finding the perfect homes for them! What a wonderful experience it has been adopting Winston and dealing with Tabby’s Place. It’s so nice to know that there are places like yours that do such a fantastic job!

“Keep up the good work, and thanks from the bottom of our hearts for all you do for our cats and kittens. God bless.”

A long way from the streets and the ceiling, Winston’s cuddled up right in the heart of love. He’s not only blessed, but will also be a blessing. The best kind of affection loves us into being more and better than we ever were before, and it’s clear this winter blossom has only just begun to bloom. 

Wintello and Wintina, God bless you in giving this angelic boy the kind of love that reaches to the heavens. We all look forward to hearing about Winter’s journey as a gentle confidante to the senior human beans. And we all thank God for you!

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  1. How lovely! I’m sure Winter/Winston will make his forever family and all the folks he visits at the nursing homes very happy. Best of luck to the super fluffy ceiling cat! 🙂

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