Update for Elliot

Update for Elliot

Elliot’s Episodes #5

Happy February to All My Dear Sponsors and Tabby’s Place Fans,

It is time for another exciting episode.  And I do have a lot to tell you!

First, let me apologize for the lateness of this first picture, but I just had to share my Christmas card with you.  I was so happy when I got it and the staff here read it to me to let me know how loved I am.  Then, something else happened.  I got a whole mess of Valentines.  I was enamored of all the hearts and ribbons and wishes of love from everyone.  I am one lucky kitty.

I have been spending my time playing with my green coil and some of the other toys in Suite B.  I love my coil.  And I spend a lot of hours batting it around and carrying it in my mouth. Then, when I am tired, I just curl up in one of the cubes with my suitemates and chill for a bit.

But (isn’t there always a BUT!!!), some of the volunteers and staff have noticed that I am not always a good boy.  They think it is because I am bored.  Maybe it is because I spent a lot of time in the kitten room disciplining the little gremlins.  So I may be in “bossy” mode. They saw me having some “batting” issues with Merriweather, Ralph, and Smores.

I love my suitemates, but sometimes they just want to sleep all day when I am ready to play.  And just the other day, someone saw me climb one of the cubes, circle Ralph, and then smack him with my paw.  I was only trying to wake him up so we could do zoomies around Suite  B.  But Ralph had no interest in me and just went back to sleep.  I guess I need more practice in reading and responding to all the feline social cues.  But that is why I am in with the big guys now and not the little ones anymore.  I will learn the ropes and try to be a better big boy.

Healthwise, I am just fine.  I am safe and warm here inside of Tabby’s Place while the cold weather and snow rage outside.  We had some very cold days and nights here, but I just snuggled in the cubes with the warm blankies and soft beds.  And I am still not ready for that dental procedure yet.

So, dear sponsors, I know the weather is not good these days, but it will get better.  If you can come to Tabby’s Place, I hope you will visit me in Suite B and play with me for a while.  I love to play, as you can see in my video.  And the staff at Tabby’s Place gives me a lot of toys and a lot of love.  Still, I would like to meet my sponsors and show you my skills.  Maybe one of you will overlook my special needs and adopt me into a furever home.

Until next month, everyone please be safe, well, and warm.  And Belated Happy Valentine’s Day! I know you are all my Valentines, as I am yours.

Love to all,
(With help from your correspondent, Mary Anne)