Ordering a la carte: Value Meal update

Ordering a la carte: Value Meal update

Big Mac & Chalupa by JohnWhen my Mom is in the mood for fast food, she famously orders a Quarter Pounder. Just a Quarter Pounder. Not a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, not a Double Quarter Pounder, and – brace yourselves – no fries with that.

Similarly, in the last couple of weeks, all of the Value Meal  kittens have been ordered – I mean, adopted – separately.

Fearless leader Big Mac was first, going home with a volunteer who didn’t want (French) Fry with that. (OK, it isn’t that she didn’t want him – just that Big Mac was already joining a feline-full house, with an appetite for only one newcomer.)

Wendy, Big Mac, French Fry & Chili, by JohnIn the triumph of the marmalade kittens, “mama’s boy” French Fry followed his brother in adoption order. French Fry, too, was scooped up by a loving volunteer.

It was at this point that we all began noticing Wendy noticing her babies’ exits. As devoted to her wee ones as ever, mama Wendy redoubled her efforts at enthusiastically loving the kittens in her care – now just Chili and Chalupa.

But the a la carte adopting wasn’t over: fuzzy, fun-loving tomboy Chalupa made quick work of endearing a family to herself, and in a few days, she, too, was in the lap of (human) love in her forever home.

Now before you start feeling too badly for gentle Chili and mom-of-the-year Wendy, let me assure you: this special order has the very happiest of endings. Sweeter than a Frosty, in fact.

Chili by JohnWith three out of four kittens spoken-for or adopted, a longtime friend of Tabby’s Place, Susan, dropped by one afternoon to visit…and to contemplate adding to her crew. Susan was already adoptive mama to Tabby’s Place alum Jesse and his best buddy Purrcy, and thought her boys might be ready for a new sibling.

Or two.

With great hope, I took Susan to the “nursery,” the quiet, sunny room where Wendy and her brood have been living. “Smitten” may be too weak a word for Susan’s reaction to mama Wendy and her tabby boy Chili. But, still, she wanted to proceed with caution and great care, so she asked me to introduce her to Ace and a few of our other felines.

(And, yes, I did introduce her – but, much as I want Ace and everykitty to find a home, I was sorely tempted to tell Wendy by JohnSusan that every other cat at Tabby’s Place was unavailable for adoption!) In as gentle and not-trying-to-rush-you a way as possible, I gently reminded Susan that Chili and Wendy were quite likely to be adopted – probably Chili first, and alone, sigh – and that, if she reeeeeeally wanted them, she should put them on hold.

But Susan was careful. Wise. And so, she waited.

And waited.

You can imagine what a burst of glee it was when the phone rang first thing the next morning, with Susan’s happy voice announcing her decision…she’d set her heart on Chili…and Wendy!


And, now, these last two members of the Value Meal have gone home – together! The only time Wendy and her baby boy will be separated again will be briefly, for Chili’s neutering in a few weeks. But, the mother-and-child reunion will be only a moment away, and then they’ll be together, adored by Susan, and Jesse and Purrcy, forever. Susan reports that, if Jesse and Purrcy will be Wendy’s “brothers,” that makes them little Chili’s uncles.

Sounds like a value-packed new family to me. 🙂

PS: Very special thanks to wonderful Tabby’s Place volunteer John Moore for taking and letting me use these delightful photos, many of which first appeared on John’s blog, “It’s All Good.” And, by the way, his cat-full blog is a real treat – I think you’ll all enjoy it as much as I do.

4 thoughts on “Ordering a la carte: Value Meal update

  1. I’m so glad Wendy gets to go to her forever home with one of her kittens! I am always a little sad for the Mom-Cats…I wonder how they feel as, one by one, their kittens just disappear to other places. I do believe cats have as many emotions as people do, and they must experience some sense of loss when this happens. But this news of Wendy and Chili–as well as the adoptions of the rest of the Value Meal–is wonderful!

  2. If I am Wendy’s mom, Jesse and Purrcy are Chili’s uncles, that makes me – gulp – Chili’s grandmother!
    Everyone appears to be adjusting well. Jesse sits outside of Wendy and Chili’s room and chats with them from time to time. I like to think he’s telling them about his time as the “new kid on the block” and what they have to look forward to.
    And John, wonderful photos!!

  3. YEA!!! I was so hoping that Wendy would get to stay with at least one of these irresistable fuzzy babies! (I always wanted an entire “cat family” to have forever…what fun!). Another Tabby’s Place success story!

  4. Angela, I’m so thrilled on the outcomes for the Value Meal. Thanks for bringing us up to date! Now what I’m curious about is the wonderful person/people who adopted beautiful Griselle. I was ecstatic to see she’d been adopted too. Please do tell……..

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