No news is good news in Gradyville

No news is good news in Gradyville

GradyFirst of all, my apologies on not posting about our beloved boy sooner. I think I have the happiest possible excuse: there has been a wonderful absence of medical news for Grady!

But, I’m always happy to talk about the tabby boy I adore, so when folks in the Felis Catus community started clamoring for fresh Grady news, I was delighted to pen an update.

As of my last post on Grady, our love-bug was starting chemo, and preparing to meet his cat-abhorring new neighbor, Peachy. I know this will come as little surprise to you fellow Grady-adorers, but neither chemo nor Peachy have slowed our Grady down in the least.

Grady loungin' in his favorite chairIf anything, I’ve noticed Grady being more active and high-spirited since we’ve begun his chemotherapy. While the reception desk is still his home base, he’ll regularly amble out into the lobby, loping about at his own gentle pace and checking out the neighbors, from wacky baby Tashi to sweet “queen of quirkiness” Yasmine.

I’d like to nominate Grady for “Gentlest Personality” in the Guinness Book of Cat Records, because he’s as mellow with cats as he is mushy with humans. Even when Tashi – who, despite being paraplegic, is 7 pounds of hyperkinetic dynamite - decides to stalk our sweet old boy, Grady just saunters away, never risking a fight or putting little Tash in his place.

Peace in the valley for Grady & PeachyEven Peachy, who joined the lobby with a long list of “prior offenses” in beating up feline neighbors, has apparently been tamed by Grady’s gentleness. I’d been quite concerned for Grady when Peachy moved to the lobby, since she immediately chose the reception desk (Grady’s reception desk) as her preferred perch. As it happens, these two could teach kindergarteners a thing or two about sharing, because they immediately worked out a peaceful time-share agreement. If Grady’s in the chair on the right, Peachy will choose the bed (on the left), and vice versa. Peachy hasn’t expressed any interest in sharing Grady’s strangest nap site, the printer (where he’s learned to snugly tuck himself into the output tray). Dare I say that things have been just, er, peachy? No, I dare not – that would be too corny, and I would never say anything corny. 😀

Of course, Grady continues to effortlessly tempt me to bring him home. The quiet way he asks for tummy rubs by flopping over and gazing at me upside-down gets me every time – and, oh, the purr on this sweetie-pie! If space, time, resources and my landlord’s pet rules – not to mention my two cats’ openness to a new sibling – were a little looser, Grady would be home with me.

Happily, Grady’s life at Tabby’s Place is as sweet as sweet can be, so I’ll just continue getting my “Grady fix” throughout the workday. And, if you’d like to do the same, Grady is a very gracious host; he’d love to meet you and to take (many) treats from your hand the next time you have a chance to visit.

In the meantime, let’s keep on dancing the happy dance, and praying for years of “medically-boring” news to come for our Grady-love.

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  1. Really good news for Grady. Next let’s see you get adopted to a forever home. Who knows, maybe Angela’s landlord may even change his rules.

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