“Mental Hopscotch?”

“Mental Hopscotch?”

I just stumbled on a news story that Dale Bozzio had been charged with animal cruelty, involving 12 cats.  Dale “whozio?”  Let me explain.

One of my long-time passions is listening to rock music (alternative, punk, some metal) .  If you are old enough, you may remember the band, “Missing Persons,”  who had some pretty cool, poppy hits in the 80’s.  Among their hits was “Walking in LA”  and “Mental Hopscotch.”

The lead singer was Dale Bozzio, a former Playboy Bunny who also worked with Frank Zappa.  She now lives in NH, where her neighboor apparently called the police, stating

Wright said some of the felines were alive, some were struggling and some were dead. She described the odour inside the house to as “worse than the worst baby diaper.”

I often wonder what prompts people to “collect” cats.  Some form of “mental hopscoth,” maybe?

Anyway, you can read the full story  here.  I will try to follow up on this case and keep you up to date on its progress.  In case you are not familiar with their work, there is a video of Mental Hopscotch to the right.

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