Meet Timmy … Dot’s Boyfriend?

Meet Timmy … Dot’s Boyfriend?

timmy-march-2012-006A few weeks ago I received some email from Angela, who runs a cat rescue in Nova Scotia, Canada.  She had read about Dot’s spina bifida and wanted to let us know that she also had rescued a cat with this condition.  His name is Timmy.

Dot is, course, insanely cute.  But, when I saw Timmy’s photo, I literally gasped.  He is so cute is is criminal.

I have included a few other photos here, so you can see for yourself.
Angela says about Timmy

Timmy does walk on all limbs but he is crooked in the back end.  He can move his tail up and down, but not sideways and
does not have feeling in his tail.  He too is incontinent but fortunately his stool is solid.  He has an amazing personality – one of the sweetest kittens ever.
I continue to be amazed by the kindness of people like Angela You can learn more about her rescue at these links:

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  1. isn’t it amazingly wonderful to connect with other people and groups who have the heart that Tabby’s Place has? Look at this special little kitten — and they love him and care for him the way we do for our Dot! It warms my soul!

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