Meet the Community Cats #5: Pitzel the elegant

Meet the Community Cats #5: Pitzel the elegant

Beautiful Pitzel in the Community Room windowUnlike human beans, cats are blissfully anxiety-free when it comes to “body image” issues. Every one, of every shape, size and quirk, is beautiful, and every one knows it. It’s one of the numberless reasons I admire them.

Yet amidst all the beautiful cats we get to love, every so often one stands out as especially stunning, fair of face and full of grace. Happy dancers of the Felis Catus world, I present to you…Pitzel.

Pitzel in a Suite B cubby, before she became our newest Community CatPitzel’s name, I’m told, is Yiddish for “little,” which only adds to her invincible cuteness. But, although Pitzel must have fit in the palm of someone’s hand when she was a tortie toddler, there’s nothing small about her – or her presence – now. Pitz’s photos simply don’t do justice to the long-legged, lovely girl who has become our newest Community Cat.

Making her even more stunning, Pitzel hasn’t lorded her considerable charms over her fellow felines in the least. Alas, that hasn’t consoled fellow beauty Peachy, who is less than thrilled about Pitzel’s arrival to the Community Room.

But Peachy’s snit is entirely unprovoked by anything the leggy tortie has done. Pitzel wears her beauty lightly, happy to live and let live. Not once have I seen her instigating anything ugly with a roomie or bearing a haughty attitude to less-statuesque neighbors.Pitzel under the crates in Suite B

Honestly, it’s a great delight to see Pitzel blossoming so brightly at Tabby’s Place. You see, it wasn’t always this way.

When Pitzel first arrived at the sanctuary five months ago, she was endlessly loving towards human beans…but far from content in her suite. Following in the footsteps of fearful felines like Strudel and Trifle, Pitzel swiftly decided that the best place in Suite B was the wall of crates. It was frustrating to see the sweet-as-pudding tortie choosing to live in or under a cage. She’d amble out immediately if a human bean called her name or reached a friendly hand in to pet her, but when it came to her 17 fellow felines, Pitzel wasn’t taking any chances. (And, truth be told, feisty-plus felines like Natalie did a fine job reinforcing this plan!) Eventually Pitzel made it out as far as a cubby, but we all had the nagging sense that our elegant sweetheart wasn’t entirely serene about suite life.Pitzel working hard from Danielle's desk

So, when one of our most beloved calicos left a China-sized hole in the Community Room, it was unanimous as to who should land this plum opening for a new Community Cat.

How long did it take for Pitzel to acclimate to the Community Room? Oh…maybe five, six minutes?

Perched elegantly on the desks, stretching those endless legs across the top of the file cabinets, draping herself in the windows to beam her benevolence out into the world…Pitzel was in her glory. And I was in love.

Pitzel hangs out with Mr. GreyThere is nothing like seeing a cat bloom in her happiness, and that’s precisely what we’re seeing with Pitzel each day in the Community Room. Entirely undaunted by her more-manageable number of neighbors, eager but never frantic for human attention, Pitzel is the epitome of contentment. I’m afraid all that’s left for our darling girl to do now is to break our hearts with a “good goodbye.”

And when she does, there will be nothing “small” about the joy and happy tears at Tabby’s Place.

4 thoughts on “Meet the Community Cats #5: Pitzel the elegant

  1. She’s beautiful..I am very partial to torties; she looks like my “Nellie,” who I lost to nasal cancer in June of 2008. If I wasn’t at my limit at home, I wouldd be there in a heartbeat to adopt her!

  2. I’m always amazed at how even the smallest change of scenery can make a huge world of difference for a cat. Pitzel is a gorgeous girl, and I’m sure it won’t be long before she’s dangling off the windowsill in her new forever home!

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