Let’s do this

Let’s do this

You guys!

It’s here!


Boom: blessed by the Linda Fund

If you’re new to this cul-de-sac, welcome to the actual and verified Most Wonderful Time of the Year. It’s true; the cats voted.

I’m talking about the Linda Fund Matching Challenge. For the next 30-plus-a-few days (through the end of September), your donation to Tabby’s Place will be matched — doubled! — by some very generous folks.

Doubling (quadrupling?) the delight, a Linda Fund donation is no ordinary donation. A Linda Fund donation is a direct declaration of love for the neediest of the needy, the Tabby’s Place-iest of the Tabby’s Place cats. When you give to the Linda Fund, you are providing the emergency reserve for kitties’ medical expenses.

That means you’re funding every trip to the emergency room; every life-saving visit to a specialist; every single time a Tabby’s Place cat gets the kind of care that makes a future possible and worth purring over.

Marjory: mended by the Linda Fund

And this is the point at which I shut up and show you the faces of the Linda Fund. Every cat you see here was saved, supported, or given a new chance at a healthy life because of the Linda Fund.

Because of you.

We only run the Linda Fund Matching Challenge for one brief window each year, and we need to raise significant funds vast gobs of money to cover every unexpected emergency our cats will face in the year ahead. We can’t predict what the kitties can need, and we can’t break the promise we make to each cat: you will always get everything you need to thrive, no matter the cost.

Rose: rocking in the free world only due to the Linda Fund

Let’s power up some promises and save some lives today, kittens. Please give. Let’s do this!

PS: And please tell all your friends. Send ’em here.
PPS: And their friends.
PPPS: And your cats’ friends.






Bugsy: bodacious by the power of the Linda Fund
Kieran: still kickin’ courtesy of the Linda Fund
Jude: Joyful, growing, thriving, and the very face of the Linda Fund that saved her life. Let’s do this, dear ones!

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  1. Honored to be allowed to participate in the Linda Fund and allowed to participate in the warm wonderful world of Tabby’s Place. Each time I look at the Facebook Page or the Home Page here at the website, the good feeling I get comes from knowing that no kitty (Steven) is turned away or denied love and sanctuary. Thank you forever, Tabby’s Place. Keep up the good work.

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