Jacob Redux

Jacob Redux

cat-thumbI think most of you know of Jacob, the amazing 10 year old who is a huge fan of cats, and Tabby’s Place.   Jacob has a heart of gold and we have had further communication with him.

Jacob sent us a handwritten note and drawing and gave us his permission to post them on the blog.  They are so wonderful that I couldn’t resist sharing them.  I think you’ll enjoy them as much as we did.


You can see how touched he was by the recent losses of Jasper and Nuttin’.

And here is his drawing:

catWe need more kids like Jacob.

4 thoughts on “Jacob Redux

  1. Hey, This is me Jacob. Thanks so much! Jonathan you are so wonderful! It took a long time to draw that. I read yesterday that Tabby’s Place is dedicated to your cat Tabby who died 🙁
    RIP Tabby… So sad Tabby had cancer. My drawing isn’t perfect so please don’t laugh at those legs, hehe I think I might have too though! So Have a great day Jonathan and Tabby’s Place Cats! 🙂

  2. Jacob – on the contrary, your drawing IS perfect and so is your heart. Everyone at Tabby’s Place — furry and otherwise, is blessed to have you in our corner.

  3. Hey CatMan! It’s me Bialy – my momma was at Tabby’s Place this morning and she told me she saw your original drawing and she said to tell you it’s great! Good Job! Tabby’s Place is lucky to have a friend like you!

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