In memory of Mozart

In memory of Mozart


It’s been a rough month here.  We’ve lost four cats, including Mozart, who left us Wednesday evening (11/25/09).

Mozart came four years ago by way of one of our vets, Dr. Z.  Mozart, who had been defecating outside of the litter box,  was brought in for euthanasia to a vet facility.

Mozart Chillin' in JR's Office

Dr. Z. couldn’t bear the thought of putting this sweet boy down, so she called us and we agreed to take him.  Mozart was a beautiful flame-point Persian with the typical large, flat, grumpy-looking face.  But, Mozart was a sweetheart and didn’t have a mean bone in his body. 

Mozart got along with everyone, human and feline.  In fact, he acted as a “therapy cat” for other cats.

We once tried Mozart in the Lounge.  He was happy, but … he continued to poop outside of the litter boxes.  He especially enjoyed using the chairs on which we sat to eat lunch.  That was a show stopper, needless to stay.  It was back to a suite for Mozart.

About a month ago, we were moving the cats in his suite out so that we could clean.  I picked up Mozart and he felt light.  I carried him to the Lobby and decided to let him live there.

Although he had always been a little “slow,” Mozart seemed very confused in the Lobby.  As the weeks went by, we began to be concerned about a brain tumor.  He continued to lose weight for no apparent reason.

By Tuesday (11/24) Mozart had stopped eating so we placed him in the Hospital on some IV fluids.  He seemd somewhat brighter the next so we moved him back to the Lobby.  On Wednesday evening we were moving him back to the Hospital when he had a seizure.

Mozart in his Glory

When he recovered he had a blank stare and was not really with us any longer.  This pretty much confirmed our presumptive diagnosis and we knew it was time to let him go.  He went quickly and gently, surrounded by many people who loved him dearly.

Rest in peace, dear Mozart.  We love you.

11 thoughts on “In memory of Mozart

  1. Rest in peace, sweet Mozart. I loved you from the moment I first saw you. I’m so happy that the folks at Tabby’s Place gave you all the love you needed. There’s nothing as good as being loved just as you are. Thank you Tabby’s Place for caring for Mozart so wonderfully to the very end.

  2. Mozart was the very first cat I saw through the suite windows on my maiden voyage to Tabby’s Place, and I thought he had the best cat face I’d ever seen. Safe trip, beautiful boy, and say hello to all the other fur people for us. We’ll catch you again on the flip side.

  3. I visited Tabby’s Place on Tuesday 11/24 and got to see Mozart (for the first and last time) he was being a therapy cat at that time. As I have said in the past, the work and deeds you people do is amazing, and you sure do know how to bounce back from adversities like this. RIP dear Mozart.

  4. It’s been a rough month indeed. What a gentle sweetheart was our Mozart. Jon, I’m so grateful that you acted on your instinct to let him live in the lobby, where he was adored and admired more than ever.

  5. Dear Sweet Mozart- When we “discovered” you (quite by accident as we explored the nooks and crannies of Tabby’s Place) living in the apartment with your buddy, Max, you were a delightful surprise! Your beautiful clear blue eyes and lovely fur coat were magical and your disposition was likewise. You will be missed by all still here, but you will also be welcomed by those who left before you.

  6. I’m sorry to read about Mozart. Thank you for offering him a safe place where he received love and affection. He was one of the lucky ones. You have all had a rough month but take consolation in the wonderful lives you offer these cats. Rest in Peace, Mozart.

  7. I am SO sad to read about Mozart. He was the first cat I saw when I walked into Tabby’s Place for the first time. He reminded me of my flame point Himalayan that just passed away in October. They looked so much alike that I fell in love instantly. It saddens me that Mozart passed away a month after my Gizmo. Thank you Tabby’s Place for taking Mozart in and giving him that second chance. I know he got the best of care and love from you. I will miss him dearly. Himmies are such special cats!

  8. OMG!!! I miss him already. I know that this blog is untimely, but every occasion I found myself on the Tabby’s Place website I would go to the “adoptable cats” to be updated on who was new, who got adopted and especially to selfishly see if any of my favorites (Mozart, Nuttin, Cali, Lily, Hilary, Madeline, Franny and Oreo) were still there. I had always hoped that one day when I was able to get my Mr. Pumpkin aka Mr. Rumples to a safe place with his lymphoma (remission) I would be able to get him a companion. Now with great sadness I have to cross Mozart of my list. I first saw him in the news video that was done on Tabby’s Place and I was instantly rooting for Mozart to spring into action after his “rebel” yell at being examined. I can surely say that it was love at first site and from afar. I will truly miss him and I hope that in heaven he will find that everywhere is covered with grass. What’s the big deal about pooping where you sleep anyway?!?

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