In Memory of China

In Memory of China

chinaI should have written this post on Saturday. But, truth be told, I haven’t had the heart to do it before now.

So, please forgive the late blog entry. We let China go late Friday evening.

If you have been reading the blog for a while, you know that Cnina had been having a rough time for quite a while now (most recent post). We were all heartened when she seemed to rally two weeks ago, minutes before we were thinking of letting her go.

Despite the objective evidence (her emaciated appearance and frightening blood work), China was clearly not ready to leave. We cut back on her China Druing a Catnip Ravemedications (they weren’t helping her) and decided that she knew better than us what she needed and wanted.

China gave us two more weeks. We all marvelled at her strength and were delighted to see her eating well and njoying her life.

On Friday morning, however, we detected a change in China. We couldn’t put our finger on it, but we kept a close eye on her. By that evening, we knew that something had changed. China couldn’t seem to get comfortable and her eyes looked, well, blank. She was telling us she was ready to go.

We made some calls and the entire staff showed up to be by her side as she started on the next step of her journey. She went gently and peacefully.

China was one of our more challenging cats and, therefore, held a special place in our hearts. She was completely unapologetic about her “bad attitude.” People could take it or leave it, but she would always be China.

And she was, gto the very end. She is dearly missed and the Community Room is not the same without her.

14 thoughts on “In Memory of China

  1. R.I.P. China. To the end, you were in a place of caring and love, as shown by the fact that you had all the staff of Tabby’s Place there to comfort you as you began the next leg of your journey. Once again R.I.P. sweet girl.

  2. 🙁
    I’m glad China was surrounded by love and peace in the end. I’m so sorry to all of you to have to mourn another very personal loss and I for one, completely understand the delay in this post.
    It sure isn’t easy.

  3. Sweet China – you crossed over the Rainbow Bridge surrounded by the wonderful staff at Tabby’s Place. I mourn for the staff at your passing but know you are in a wonderful place where there is sunshine, happiness, many friends (and a lot of treats). Rest well sweet angel.

  4. I’m so sorry for the loss of China. My heart goes out to all the staffers at Tabby’s Place. Thank you for taking such good care of her. She was such a beautiful girl.

  5. After the last report about sweet China, I was not surprised to see this one. Still, I sit here with tears streaming down my face. As always, I’m grateful that there is a Tabby’s Place to take care of these special beasties. To China: please give head-licks to Grady and my former housemate, Cheddar.

  6. China was blessed to be loved so well, by so many friends who never “technically” met her. I second Fred’s request that China pass along head-licks and love to the G-Man, Cheddar, my Figgy and Roonie and all of our loved ones lost. China, you’ll know them by the big welcome banner they’ll be holding high for you.

  7. This is such a tough one. Thank you, every human bean at Tabby’s, for helping this wonderful girl make her transition. She certainly did tell you what you needed to know and what you needed to do for her. As Fred said above, I have tears streaming down my face, also, writing this. I am privileged to have stroked this beautiful little cat just last week and I will never forget her.

  8. Our dear sweet China, you will always be missed. I still look for you every morning when I get to Tabby’s Place. I miss warming your chicken and watching you enjoy it so much, I miss using a computer and having you walk in front of the monitor and growl at me if I even THINK of carrying on with my work when you want attention, I miss your purrs, your sweetness and your feistyness! You are one of the strongest cats I have ever met, you put up a huge fight in your last few weeks with us and we’re all glad we had that extra time with you. Rest peaceful sweet girl and I will see you again one day at the Rainbow Bridge. xx

  9. Poor sweet China. I’m so glad we had an opportunity to cuddle, have some treats and chat the last time I was at Tabby’s. She will be missed by everyone, felines and human beans alike. Although she was so sick, she retained her beauty until the end. RIP little sweetheart…

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