In memorial: Sinbad

In memorial: Sinbad

2461Shortly after Tabby’s Place opened, I acquired my first officemate.  Slide was an old one-eyed cat who did not do well with other felines.  He thrived in my office and was adopted eventually.

Since then, I have not been without an officemate for more than a few days at a time.  In fact, since Sinbad  became my officemate two years ago, I have had two officemates.  Sinbad was such a gentle soul, that he was fine having another cat share “his” office.

I made Sinbad my officemate because he was so timid and non-confrontational that he wouldn’t eat when he  shared a suite with other cats.  He was happy in my office … even after Pepper moved in. 245 (Pepper is an extremely outgoing cat.  I will introduce you to her on my next blog posting.)

Sinbad was in kidney failure and had heart disease, but both conditions seemed to be well controlled.

Just a week ago, Sinbad had his biannual cardiac ultrasound to check his heart.  Much to our shock, the ultrasound showed that he had a lot of fluid in his chest.

We were amazed that we hadn’t noticed any change in him, since he fluid was a sign of heart failure.  We removed the fluid to make him more comfortable and started him an on a diuretic to help reduce fluid buildup.  Sinbad was scheduled for another x-ray this morning to see if the medication was working.

Sadly, Sinbad had died during the night.  We found him lying peacefully in my office this morning.  He will be cremated along with his favorite blanket and some cat treats, which he loved dearly.

Sinbad was the perfect officemate: quiet, neat, unassuming and friendly.  I will miss him dearly.

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  1. Jonathan, Sinbad loved you and he loved his life in your office. Bless you for giving him such happy days in the prime piece of real estate at Tabby’s Place. I will miss this gentle boy very much.

  2. This brought tears to my eyes because one of my own cats is currently fighting heart disease. Thank you for giving Sinbad a chance to enjoy the good life.

    1. Kathi,

      I am sorry to hear about your cat. We have quite a few cats with heart disease at Tabby’s Place (and my wife & I have a cat with HCM at home). Most cats can do well for a long time with heart disease.

  3. Jonathan, My Robbie has actually been doing very well on a beta-blocker for his HCM. Unfortunately, he is losing weight and the vet thinks he may have a malignancy on top of the heart disease. He is at the vet for an ultrasound today. He is 16 years old. I’mjust hoping that whatever it is can be treated for a while.

  4. Oh, dear Jonathan — you (and Sinbad) are in my heart and prayers. I know how hard this is for you — but I remember Sinbad so well and he was such a special boy! He was truly blessed to have the love of you and everyone at Tabby’s Place and he passed in peace and comfort. Rest in peace, sweet little cat…

  5. Mr. Pumpkin and I send our sincerest sympathies. I hope Pepper is doing well since I assume she was with Sinbad during the night. Give her extra furry hugs for us.

  6. Jonathan, Thanks for your concern about Robbie in the midst of your own grieving over Sinbad. Things are not looking good; he may have a tumor on his heart. My vet is waiting for confirmation of that from the radiologist. I was up crying all night and now I must start tocome to terms with the fact that I may lose him.

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