If Cats Could Talk

If Cats Could Talk

12161792071928699605bastiyxc_katze_mit_telefon_svg_med“If your cat could talk, he’d lie to you.”  So true.  That quote always gives me a chuckle.

Today I stumbled on a graph about cats talking. I thought it was hilarious. So I post it here without further comment (I found the graph here):


7 thoughts on “If Cats Could Talk

  1. I asked my 10-year old torbie Angel Rose if we disappointed her the time we went up to Lake Tahoe (June 2001). We were gone exactly 26 hours. She gave me “one of those looks”, put her ears back, and walked away. This is a definite improvement over the response we got at the time – whenever one of us would enter a room where Angel was, she would immediately get up and leave that room. This went on for 24 hours before she “forgave” us!

    I am here but to serve cats!

    Angel’s Mom

  2. Well, let’s see here…of the little flock of felines I have at home, I would say my youngest one Beach would fall into the “disappointed” category….Tori would want the cheeseburger NOW, please…Gracie would probably want that, too….but my Rudy? 28 pounds of Rudy-love? He would fall into the “I love you” minority….and you would all love HIM, too! Kim

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