Greek take-out

Greek take-out

Persephone - scared, but oh so gosh darn cuteHere’s a confession: sometimes human beans can be selfish. Including this human bean.

I had hoped that we’d get to enjoy the pure, unadulterated bliss of seeing all seven Greek kittens romp together in the lobby. But, in order for that to happen, the kittens couldn’t find their forever homes during their stint in Quarantine…and, yes, a wee, wicked little part of me hoped they wouldn’t.

I’m happy to report that I did not get my selfish wish.

AresThere might be something in the world sweeter than watching a herd of kittens tumble together, but I can’t imagine what it would be.

I recall my first introduction to this brand of bliss. I’d been working at Tabby’s Place just a few weeks when a scrawny sextet from Philadelphia came to live in our lobby. One afternoon, Jonathan paged the entire building to announce, “Please report to the lobby to play with kittens at once.” You can imagine how readily we all obliged.

And, oh, what a sweet order it was. These six mini-maniacs tumbled and tangled and rampaged with the energy of ten thousand jumping beans. We human beans only stoked their energy as we doubled over laughing, watching ten-ounce fluffballs poof up like hedgehogs and jump sideways at each other. One after the next, they’d arch into “Halloween cat” poses, taking on their siblings, Heraunsuspecting adult cats, and random pieces of furniture. (Someone’s gotta show those chairs who’s boss, after all.) 

It’s really a very simple formula: kittens in the Tabby’s Place lobby = fiesta of slaphappiness in the first degree. More kittens = more slaphappitude.

So, really, can you blame me for wanting to see the Magnificent Seven take over the lobby?

Alas – or “hooray,” depending on how we look at it – that’s not going to happen. A stampede of adopters has been in the mood for Greek take-out. Even before lobby hijinks can ensue, six out of seven tiny sweeties will have left the building.Zeus

And this leaving-the-building business has already begun. We’re two kittens poorer – and Hermes and Titan are infinitely richer for having found their forever homes. Hera, Zeus, Ares and Aphrodite wait in the wings, ready to deliver their goofy goodness to their own new families just as soon as they’ve dispatched that durned ringworm.

In this mad rush of forever home-finding, there’s just one tower of cuteness that no adopter has scaled…Persephone.

Consider it a lesson learned: it’s not in one’s best interest to name a kitten after the goddess of the underworld.

PersephoneNow, I’m not saying that Persephone is hellish. But there’s a decidedly un-heavenly tinge to her tone. Several weeks into Operation: Adore Kittens, Persephone is still a bit of a holdout. While her siblings have become venerable snuggle-bugs, Persephone still accepts petting only reluctantly. She’ll hiss as you approach, then quiet down and let you stroke her. Yet, all the while, her face is flat, expression screaming, this will be over soon. Go to your happy place. Oh, yuck, human bean cooties…

I have every confidence that our cooties big giant love for Persephone will prevail. Our foxlike little feline’s days of fear are numbered: I fully believe that you can only be adored for so long before it starts to change you. And, slowly enough, Persephone is changing.Aphrodite

Best of all, she’ll get to be the center of attention when she brings her own brand of slappiness to the lobby…and, at last, to a home of her own.

That’s the best thing about slaphappy kittens. Their adoptions only spread the slaphappiness – and, really, who among us doesn’t want slaphappiness to abound?

PS: Many thanks to Kelly for capturing all this cuteness on camera today.

5 thoughts on “Greek take-out

  1. I agree, Angela — nothing cuter than a roomful of fuzzy babies exuding cuteness! So grateful to read that 6 newbies will be loved at home forever — and praying that Persephone is next in line!

  2. OK, I’m sorry but this post has put me in a deep depression. I have always known that it’s writen in the stars that my career should be in the animal welfare field. I have even dappled in it actually – although it went quite poorly oddly – anyway that’s not the point.
    The point is this, I absolutely MUST, MUST find a job in which it is announced, “Please report to the lobby to play with kittens at once.”
    I mean really.
    Deep depression. What the heck am I doing at this job????

  3. How is Persephone doing? Is she the kitty with the ears flat and back? What a cutie.

    I do not see her photo in the Adoptable Cats section. Is there a section of your site that has photos of *all* of the Tabby’s Place kitties?

    Unfortunately, I do not live very close by. but I would like to come and visit Tabby’s Place sometime soon. Is Persephone up for visitors?

  4. Angela:

    Thank you for your response.

    I am very sorry to tell you that my beloved Sweet Snapple passed away on 12-10-09. I had emailed Jonathan with the sad news.

    We had been struggling together to keep Snapple healthy since the day I brought her home from Tabby’s Place. She had needed major dental surgery and, for some unknown reason, never seemed to recover after the procedure. It was nearly impossible to maintain any weight on her. Despite many, many tests and treatments, it was touch and go every day. Shortly after she experienced two grand mal seizures, it became obvious that it was time to let her go. She clearly told me so. So we went to my wonderful verterinarian and we gently let Snapple go to sleep. Now her ashes are in a lovely wooden box, awaiting the day that I am the same and she can be with me again.

    Thank you for the link to Persephone. She is a Naughty-Looking Little Girl. (Obviously, I have a soft spot in my heart for Torbies and Torties.) I am not in a position to adopt another cat as I am at the maximum allowed in my lease, but I would love to come up and visit Persephone and friends sometime soon. I will let you know when it can be arranged.


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