Forever loved: Smokie

Forever loved: Smokie

smokie-faceA few weeks ago I received the following in email:

We just wanted to share with you the sad news that our cat, Smokie, passed away on Wednesday after battling lymphoma since last spring. We adopted Smokie from Tabby’s Place in Feb 2006, and he was a wonderful member of our family for 6 years.

Smokie was an amazing creature and one of the sweetest and  funniest cats to spend time at Tabby’s Place.

Smokie came form a local shelter where he had been for too long without being considered for adoption.  He had tasmanian-devilbeautiful, silky gray fur, a huge round face and a “funky” left eye.  In addition, his rear end was somewhat atrophied, but his shoulders and chest were massive.  He reminded us of the Tasmanian Devil” cartoon character.

The problem with his eye turned out to be an old scar.  Further diagnostics showed that he had severe patella luxation in his rear legs.  But he had compensated so well for this over the years that it didn’t make sense to consider surgery.

Smokie lived in Suite C.  He loved the other cats.  He loved people.  And he really loved wet food.  He would get very excited as 4:00 approached,  positioning himself at the door, knowing wet food would be a appearing soon.

In fact, he would get so excited, that he would run into the hall as soon as the door opened.  It was quiet a sight to see him running (you had to see him run to understand) down the hall, only to realize 1/2 way down that the food was in the room.

2008-11-03004He would then turn around, trot back to the door and chirp anxiously until he was let back in.

The best part was that he repeated this every single day, as if it was the first time.

Smokie as adopted by a  wonderful family.  He lived happily with their two other cats and became a great companion to their new child.  I love the photo of him sharing the carriage with the baby.

I could tell many more  stories about Smokie.  he was such a characteruntitled-21.  But I’m just going to end with another photo of him.  I’m so glad he got to spend his life with a loving family.

Rest in pace, dear Smokie.  I’ll see you again.

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  1. RIP Smokie, I never got to know anything about you till now, but I too have an elderly Smokie who is also having some medical issues and I guess that is why I can relate to your loss. In reading this blog you obviously were loved and had a good home and family.

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