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February 8th, 2019 [1 Comment]

Epilogues: January 2019

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Holy Moses. Did we really do it, kittens?

Did we really clobber January?

Adopters can haz Hazel. They can and they did and they do.

I’m a firm believer that every month and season and moment has its beauty and miracle and wonder. But loving January has never been a resolution I can keep.

But we did it, my stars, we did it. And now we’re well on our way to spring: February is ittybitty, and March drives up daffodils, so we’re home free.

We are not, however, free to ignore the miracle and wonder that did wrap our January like a brrrrrito. Let us reflect:

Arrived: Henna; Hamsa; Bernice; Clawdia; Purrscilla; Pawla; Coretto; Denni; Disco; Idris(pictured in top thumbnail); Celsey; Millie; Elsa

Adopted: Hermione; Greyson; River & Firefly (together); Chad;Cleo; Hazel; Wilbur; Catsup; Corretto

Returned: Hermione (before being rapid-fire readopted; see above)

Magnificent Maggie

Cleared from Quarantine: Francesca; Hickory; Maggie; Montana; Mr. Jones

(Still) banished to Ringworm: Tiger; Rambo

Forever Foster Fabulosity: Jude, with the endlessly amazing Karina

Promoted to the Lobby: Jenny

Promoted to The Office of El Capitan: Stafford

Promoted to Heaven: Patches

Stuff we learned: We have unsavory characters among us who will bestow names like “Clawdia” and “Pawla” upon cats. Be afraid, kittens, be very afraid.

OK, little January, you’re forgiven for your frosty funk. Thank you for being kind, and quick. Full-speed ahead flying into Feb!

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One Response to “Epilogues: January 2019”

  1. flicka says:

    Thank you, dear Carrie, for loving and caring for sweet little old lady cat Patches. Thank you, dear Karina, for taking Jude under your loving care. Angela, knowing that Tabby’s Place loves these cats makes all of your fans happy every day. Also, nice to see 10 wonderful cats adopted in January!

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