Dr. 90210, feline edition

Dr. 90210, feline edition

Handsome baby ChexOne of the things I love about cats is their complete, blissful obliviousness to any nonsense about “body image” or physical beauty.

So why in the world am I so happy for a kitten getting plastic surgery?

When you see little Chex’s “before” face in the video, you’ll understand right away. This tiny, Holstein cow-colored boy came to Tabby’s Place with a badly mangled mouth, and it was clear that he’d need to have some “work” done. Chex – like post-surgical humans – had some swelling going on immediately after his surgery.

But just look at our handsome little sweetheart below!

Pre- or post-surgery, it’s all the same to Chex and his little girlfriend Trix – they see the deeper loveliness in one another. And, truth be told, when it comes to cats, while we may all have our preferences, I’d be hard-pressed to call any of them ugly.

Little Chex shows off his perfect mouthAs a matter of fact, this past weekend, at the Garden State Cat Show, after I’d seen a hall full of glamorous Turkish Angoras and cinnamony Abyssinians and poufy Persians, a vendor asked me, “so, have you seen the most beautiful cats in the world today?” I was honest with him: the most beautiful cats in the whole show, I do believe, were the hard-luck angels brought in for adoption by the various wonderful rescue groups in attendance. Give me a good old domestic shorthair any day.

I think Chex would agree – even if he is proud of his face lift.

10 thoughts on “Dr. 90210, feline edition

  1. Angela:

    Did Chex have some sort of injury or was the problem with his mouth congenital?

    I agree 100% with your response to the vendor at the cat show. There’s nothing wrong with show-cats but I’d rather have a Tabby’s Place cat (or my own former shelter resident, Smudgie) any day of the week.

    Please tell Chex that he is a very handsome boy and always has been. This comment should be followed by a loving pet on my behalf.


    1. The little guy had an injury to his mouth when he came to us. I’m on my way to delivering your loving pat to little Chex right now – please forward my affection along to sweet Smudgie.

  2. Right on Fred! Two of my feline furballs, Buddy Lynn, whom we lost on May 21, and Fluffy Barkley Masterson (aka Fluffo Mann) both adopted us by showing up on the front doorstop or backyard and never leaving. There’s just something about the rescues that is oh so very special. I believe they appreciate a loving home and family more than show kitties since rescues know what it’s like on the “other side of life’s fence” so to speak.

    Question to Fred: Does Smudgie dance too!?!!!!

    Request for Angela: Please pass my love and kisses on to Chex and Trix both! Chex – you are such a very handsome boy! Trix – your little squeaky meow is just like my Marla Chanelle’s! Just perfect!

    1. Love and kisses are on their way to Trix and Chex for you, Gilroy Catmom! Please pass my snuggles to Fluffo Mann and his siblings!

      Good news for everyone: little Trix is literally being adopted as I type this message. We know Chex won’t be far behind – do I feel a happy dance coming on?

    2. As Smudgie’s human PR rep, I’ve been asked to handle your questions.

      To gilroy catmom: Smudgie says to tell you that she does dance but does not do so upon command. She also adds that she dances with “great feline elegance.”

      To Angela: Smudgie and I will do a happy dance about Trix and we both ask you to thank the nice humans for giving Trix a permanent home

      Smudgie would like to thank her many fans for their continued support.

  3. This little cat was gorgeous before his surgery and he’s just as beautiful now. That’s the great thing about cats — and those of us who love them — we see with the heart and we see the soul inside those beautiful cat eyes. What’s on the outside just doesn’t matter!

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